60 Engaging Instagram Post Ideas To Share On Instragram

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60 Engaging Instagram Post Ideas To Share On Instragram

In Social Media Marketing, and the engaging Instagram post has a huge role. In today’s scenario, nearly 1 Billion people are using Instagram. It has become a content consuming platform in recent years.

Instagram can be used for

  • Connecting people
  • Engagement with the audience
  • Sharing information
  • Collecting feedback
  • Launching products
  • Promoting businesses
  • Market campaigns
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Establishing community

Here are 60 engaging Instagram Post ideas you can hit right now!

If you are trying to succeed with Instagram marketing, use these ideas to see what works the best there.

1. Like Other People’s Stuff

By giving positive comments or enquiring about their creative posts, you can get their attention.

2. Share Infographics

A fantastic way to have an engaging Instagram Post is by Infographics. An Infographic is a graphic design with and engaging information

It doesn’t matter, whether it is your own or curate, the audience will keep watching and do a reading.

3. Company’s Blog

Focus on the content that you are putting on and how you use that to direct people where you want.

4. Promote Signup Forms

With a catchy concept and a thoughtful approach, irresistible signup forms to encourage the users.

5. Holidays Post

Small businesses are involved with numerous fun holidays that are relevant to your industry and audience. so do posting for holidays like Christmas, new year, and so on.

6. User-generated content

Share the best content of your customer with their permission, and you don’t have to do it all yourself. Because more than 70% of people said “UGC” confirmed their decision to buy a specific product. So let us give it a try!

7. Posting Company Events

Another engaging Instagram post idea is to provide value to the events that you have cherished. Make users can look beyond the moment, which helps to achieve their future goals.

8. Company Accomplishments

Everyone has their positive achievements. Explain to them how their actions helped that situation.

Like, it could be some problems that are resolved. Or it might be a thing that improved and came well.

9. Simple Boomerang

Create a short looping video (auto-looping videos) with Boomerang, an app, that built into the Instagram camera. It will be fun watching for the followers.

10. Unique Hashtags

You can introduce your own branded hashtags you may have. Using a branded and unique hashtags will make content about your brand more to the audience who search for it.

11. Product

Create posts about your products at a regular sequence of notes, like a certain day of the week. It makes community members build a habit of looking at your products regularly.

12. Running Instagram Contest

The best shortcut to have an engaging Instagram post.

Grow an opportunity to amplify your brand, your products, and your services by running contests.

Promote the contest with a great deal where your audience is most likely to engage.

Give away additional entries for each of your social networks they visit.

13. Instagram Ad Campaign

It helps to make us stand out from the crew. Helps to drive awareness. Sometimes, it reaches the right person in apt time, which means a lot to them. However, it gives the ability to target the audience in a whole new way.

14. Memes

Try posting Memes that can match your brand style and audience. You can post animated GIF memes too. Adding memes and GIFs to your feeds, the engagement rates will get an increase.

15. DIY Ideas

Share your advice in a DIY post. Create a video of yourself trying something new and do post the video. It not only engage your audience and also creates a perfect opportunity to sell your works of art.

16. Inspiring Quotes

Create a quote with your brand fonts and colors and do share the post. Make sure to include your website’s URL at the bottom.

17. Stunning Facts And Extreme Sports

We could explore, take-the-breath away moment. Post things that many feel impossible to do.

18. Story Highlights

You can add your stories to appear on your profile as “story highlights”. Normal stories will disappear in 24 hours, but the stories that are added as highlights will remain visible until you remove them.

19. Behind The Scenes

If want to show off your brand personality, your amazing team members, and your production process, then make a behind-the-scenes video and post it. it will be interesting to watch spontaneous.

20. Employees And Workplace

We could create a work-friendly envoi, to the employees who feel welcomed to express their authentic selves at the workplace.

21. A Tutorial

Instagram Story is the perfect placement for product tutorials. Use stories to create a guide or share lengthy videos on IGTV.

Tutorials provide,

  • A close-up look of the packaging
  • Colour of the product
  • Sizes of the product
  • Handy tips and tricks for use.

22. Comment On Other People’s Posts

Commenting provides personalized value to more people. And let the community step in to help one another with issues.

23. Follow Back Your Followers

The users feel comfortable with it when doing It pleasantly. That increases the number of followers. This follower ratio plays a major role in the social world.

24. Sneak Peek

Make your audience feel special by sharing an opportunity to see or experience something before it is officially presented or released to the public.

25. Daily Do And Habits

You can update your daily routines or habits, either by sharing videos or images. Daily original content takes a lot of planning, even if just to look Natural! Many people are interested to watch other activities.

26. Tip Of The Day

Sharing a simple tip is an easy way to share valuable information with your audience. every day it creates the attention of the audience for a moment.

27. Countdown

  • You can use countdown stickers to announce the date of your product launch.
  • Create anticipation for a product release or something else with countdown videos/ posts.

28. Fun Activities

Have a little fun! It doesn’t take more time, effort, and planning to get right. you can see more and more brands add elements of humor and pop culture references to their posts by adding images/videos and trending topics to their content.

29. Stories

There are many ways to produce stories. A good place to start is with basic sequences that introduce your brand/ niche and provides a great way to connect with audiences daily.

30. Offers And Promotions

Make an impression and drive consideration by displaying multiple eye-catching product offers.

With a limited time, Instagram-only promotion, you can also create a sense of urgency and people can able to respond without delay to shop.

31. Flashback/Throwback

The treasure trove of throwback moments will lead the users to take me back from if distracted and gets motivated when going well.

32. Linking Your Blog Content

If you want to build the real traffic for your websites, then link your blog content, and make your audience get connected.

34. Artsy Stuff

Doodles, sketches, and calligraphy are extremely popular on Instagram.“Introvert Doodles,” are the most famous, that catches a certain age group of people to commit with them. So try making introvert doodle activity pages.

33. Recipes

Person those who never cook have been influenced by the rapid changes in modern recipes. Recipes never fade away; it travels through generations and now they are shared around the world via Social Media.

35. Your Recommendation

You can share and consume helpful recommendations and tips in an easy-to-digest format.

  • Places: Recommend places in your city and beyond
  • Products: Recommend your favorite products
  • Posts: Recommend posts you created or saved

36. Client Review/Testimonial

You can share the voices of your clients or share their thoughts/views on your social media, by creating a graphic with their testimonial directly on it.

37. FAQs

Questions and answers are highly engaging and easy to shoot.

You can do a Q&A with the customers, members of your, experts, or whomever you want.

Use the question sticker in your stories to open it up to questions on your products that would enable followers to learn more about your products and feel confident making a purchase.

38. Schedule Future Posts

By scheduling future posts, you can stick to a consistent schedule and engage your audience. Scheduling posts is a great way to save time, but it can also help you attract more followers, get more traffic and sales, and drive better results.

39. Understanding Audience

Unless you are providing your followers with information that is useful and relevant for them, they will not be engaged with your social media accounts.

40. Create a Regular Series

You need to post the right kind of content in a regular series to stay relevant to current followers is not that easy thing. But, once the followers liked it, they probably get engaged with that.

41. Promote Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff. Your audience will appreciate the free resources (can be anything like images, eBooks, downloadable Infographics, or other documents). So they can download and use it for reference.

42. Highlight Brand Collaborations

  • You can tag other accounts in Stories, which is great if you’re collaborating with another brand or influencer.
  • The most popular way to grow your following and promote your brand online is Brand collaboration.

43. Shoppable Post

Post the Shoppable links, where people can buy your products directly through the photos and videos.

With this, you can inspire people to purchase your offerings.

44. Travel

  • Explore all the impressive quotes about adventure and travel.
  • List a bunch of funny and great adventures.
  • Travel content creators are seeing success by creating mini-blog style posts and those shares information about their destination.

45. Gardening

Everybody loves nature! Showing something pleasurable to watch is the best way to engage your audience. Surely, Gardening will be one of the best ideas.

46. Time-lapse Photos

Wow your followers with the timelapse photos, a great way to connect your audience. It will be great at engaging people with your post.

47. Hyperlapsing Videos

Put a fresh spin on otherwise ordinary/simple images by making a hyper-lapse video.

48. Business News

Post the news of your niche or about general business, which enables your followers to chat and share their opinions and thoughts with you, which, in turn, will help create a dedicated or trustworthy following that feels connected to your brand.

49. Talk About Trending

Make conversations about trends that either fit your brand or not. Just create authentic, quality content that can reach a new audience or even go viral.

50. Product/Company Videos

Try to stay connected with the audience ever, by posting the company photos or videos.

51. Share Statistics

Tell a story by sharing statistics/insights that will impress your audience. Show-off a little about what you have accomplished.

52. Reshare The Top Most Posts

You can turn existing posts into sponsored ads, and keep an eye on your top posts.

Push these Topmost performing posts out later to potential customers in the form of sponsored ads, like Carousel/Dynamic Ads.

Even you can run multiple posts to different audiences simultaneously for even more engagement.

53. Promote Your Partners

Promoting partnership can result in a mutually beneficial source of exposure.

54. Product launches

Create anticipation among people! Publicize new product launches and upgrading classics. Also, share photos of your products and demonstrate how they can be used.

55. Promos

  • Show a glance of your product without fully revealing it. Try capturing different angles of it without showing the full thing.
  • Promo posts are a simple way to enhance your product. This will create excitement for the viewers.

56. Before And After

Before-and-after photos exclusively inspire others. Showing your analysis by providing then and now images, and prove others, “this can work for you, too.”

57. Share Work In Progress

Always post something that happened in your work place. Or try make a video when the work is progressing. This will create a huge impact on your business in a variety of ways. More trust and transparency for the client or followers starts and builds in the this process.

58. Tips About Beauty

Share your 2 to 5 minutes beauty routine. Try listing the products you use. Create beauty tutorials. Tell about your experience. utilize these ideas here to write interesting posts your audience will love it for sure.

59. Puzzle Layout

The Puzzle layout is one of the most used Instagram post ideas. It might be complex one to execute, because it requires more than 8 photographs to fit on your feed. So that your followers scroll these photos to see your next photo. The end result would be mind-blowing. Many audiences will look at your page regularly to see the full image.

60. Challenge

Challenging in Instagram can help you achieve more engagement and get your content noticed by Instagram algorithm. It is also easy way to enter, making it a favourite of both brands and people

  • Timeliness has always been an important factor on Instagram. So, engaging Instagram post ideas helps Instagram Marketing.
  • It is not enough to just post content whenever you feel like it anymore. If you want to get the most engagement, it’s best to find your personalized best times based on your unique audience.
  • Instagram is an incredible platform for businesses to achieve marketing goals.
  • You can boost your engagement, drive traffic, and gain new followers and customers, with proper planning and scheduling.
  • These Instagram ideas will engage people and help you to connect with your audience in an authentic way.
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