Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) over the past 12 years, there is an immense evolution in the field of social media usage. It is said that nearly half of the world’s population uses the internet for various purposes.

The main objective of social media platforms is to ‘connect with people’.

Other than traditional marketing such as advertising products using newspapers, radio, television, etc.

SMM also helps to reach more people which:

  • Creates Brand recognition.
  • Drives more traffic to your website.
  •  And increase your sales, where all these are possible at a glance.



        1. Facebook:

  • It is the #1 platform where friends connect and share online.
  • The Facebook business page lets businesses discover themselves and helps to target your key audience.
  • And use Facebook classic ads, host Facebook contests, and promote your posts which broadens your reach.

         2. Instagram

  • One of the fastest-growing social media marketing platform.
  • The main goal to achieve Instagram marketing is to showcase your products/services.
  • Make sure that you have a well-organized page and use relevant hashtags to trend your posts.
  • After showcasing your products try to build a community and drive more followers to your account by targetting the audience.
  • And you can also achieve this through paid ads.

       3. Twitter

  • Twitter is the most powerful marketing platform.
  • It is also a powerful search engine.
  • It allows you to provide quick service and support.
  • Customize your company’s profile and share the latest updates on ongoing projects or upcoming services/products.
  • Advertise your services through twitter ads and engage with your followers.
  • And it also acts as an effective tool to know about the trending hashtags and posts which helps you to create your latest feed.


  • LinkedIn is a simple marketing tool.
  • Create a page, ask your employees to like and follow the page, and share your latest newsletters and emails.
  • Target the audience and connect with people to increase your brand identity.


  • YouTube is the top online marketing platform.
  • Here the results are immediate and measurable.
  • Create a youtube account and share the product demo video this helps the audience to know more about your product/services.
  •  And add testimonials from your customers, and also use specific tags for search engine optimization.



  • Creating effective ads, which provides a short description of your product.
  • Usage of images, videos, and posters that depicts your brand to attract leads.
  • Measuring success using Google Analytics which also makes it easy to target a particular audience.
  • And keep enhancing your SEO rankings regularly, just updating your blog every day does not count.



Brand Value:

  • Create social media profiles and connect with others which significantly increases the recognition of the brand.
  • And this can be achieved by spending a few hours a week, which increases brand visibility thus increases the business.
  • Engage your audience with infographics regularly.


  • Signing up is free for most of the social media platforms.
  • Spend some quality time:
  1.  By connecting with people.
  2.  Uploading the testimonials of your customers.
  3.  And creating good content about the brand.

This drives more traffic without any expenditure for promoting.

  • If you want to use paid advertising always start with a small amount and see how it works.

Customer satisfaction:

  • Engaging with customers and Brand loyalty is very important for a business to become successful.
  • Instant reply to any queries using chatbots would be great.
  • Consider customer’s opinions and try to work on their feedback.
  • And provide online offers and coupons to increase the conversion rate.




  • There isn’t any denying that Social media advertising has many advantages for startups and mounted brands.
  • By normal updating the right social media advertising strategy, it’ll result in elevated traffic, higher SEO, more healthy client delight, and a whole lot more.
  • Your opposition is already growing on social media day by day, so don’t allow your competition to take your likely customers.

“The in advance you start, the quicker you spot the boom to your business.”



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