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Every Start-up or Enterprise needs marketing strategy to scale up their business. These strategies can be more redefined by Business Solution Company.

As a Digital Marketing Company, we also drive strategies for growing any business to reach their audience. We always work on 4 stages of Marketing Funnels





As you see the above four stages, Awareness Stage and Consideration Stages are more vital. More Strategies, and Sales Funnels are focused much on the 1st two stages.

Every Business should start from Branding, and Unique Selling point (USP). As a Business Solutions Company we are experts in creating a Brand, Creating awareness via proper marketing channel.

Prior to channelizing, we will work on Goal Setting, Planning on Strategy, Unique Selling Point, and finally Target Audience. So, the complete 1st Stage of Business Solutions – Planning Stage.

In recent times, Digital Marketing services become one the primary marketing channel every company looks to Invest. Yes, Digital way of promotion can reduce your marketing expense by 300%.

There many dimensions of promoting business digitally. Might by via Search Engines, social media, E Mail, Business Forums, PR, etc. It is your priority to choose and work with the top service providers.

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Our Process as Business Solutions Company

Starting from Branding, till analysing the Goal vs the results obtained, we do a professional step by step approach.

1. Branding

Every Business starts from mind with million dreams and goals, but initiates with Logo. The primary scope of Branding is Logo Design. As, it provides what your business is and 100% equity with your brand name.

Branding is the process of making your business reach to greater audience group of your target niche. Our Marketing experts have provided consistent working strategies when it comes to promoting brands.

2. Goal Setting

Goal drives the achievers. Yes, if you or your organization has no Goal, then it’s near the dead line.

Goals is the real fuel of any company. They can be many, but should have achieving timeframes. It has to be systematically reviewed in particular intervals.

Goals can be set by an individual. But for any organization, Goals made by team are always effective

3. Strategic Planning

In every business, be it Product-based or Service-based, it needs Leads which later converts to Customers.

The objective of the strategic planning will be focused much on targeting Right Customer with Right Key Message

This is derived by mind mapping and core planning on,

  • People who are in Need of our Service/Product.
  • People who can afford to buy our Service/Product.
  • This provides the Right Customer or Target Audience Selection.
  • So, you don’t want to waste your time, money, energy by focusing on wrong customers
  • Selection of Unique selling point or Key message which will make our Target Audience to consider/convince on our product or Service.

Marketing Channel

Next to planning is optimizing the proper marketing channel. It is not decided or authenticate to move with only one marketing channels.

Yet, you should under on setting priority on channels. For Example, B2B business will prioritize LinkedIn Marketing as the preferred channel. Product Based business choose Instagram Marketing as Prior Channel.

As a Business Solutions Company, we are best at Choosing the best marketing Channels for your business.

5. Fund Raising

For any Start-ups company, Fund is the major concern which stops organization to promote them vigorously. Ideas and Management are the real funds for any organization.

Even you really need fund to built your organization, our expert team will help in Strategies, Planning, Contents to share to Investors to become their partner.

Greater Ideas attracts Venture Capitalists, but it’s just a plan until structured and presented as an impressive Idea.

6. Employees Management

Employees are the pillar and bricks of the company. Starting from

  • Hiring employees.
  • Grooming them with newer Skills (Training).
  • Streaming Pay checks.
  • Scaling them in Career.
  • Providing Clear feedback on Areas to Develop.
  • Finally, Firing Strategy for continuous non-Performers.

We have a proven blue print, which will make your organizations masters in managing any number of Employees.

7. Performance Analysis

One of the integral parts of any business is analysing on the performance. Most business fail to do this, and become a passing cloud.

Analysing on the growth on business is necessary to scale the business. At the same time, you should analyse the performance of every employee.

There should be metrics placed in front of them which should be aligned to companies Goal, Vision, and Mission. This performance metrics should be used to assess their appraisals.

These appraisal journey should be more transparent and clearer to them.

8. Financial Management

In our experience of dealing Client’s worldwide, we have understood that Improper Financial Management. Many Businesses fail to calculate Profit & Loss, expenditures for the upcoming months.

Crisis like dot com (2008), COVID-19 (2019) make a huge loss to business. As a business owner, you’re responsible to run the expense, salary, etc of your company.

So, it requires expert team like us to deal with framing a proper financial management plans to stop all the leaks from the ship.

9. Analysing Goal vs Result

As we mention in Goal Setting Section, it is always necessary to Set a Goal and Analyse them in various intervals.

The Vision might be a bigger one consists of 20+ years in achieving them. But the Goals can be set every year in accordance to Vision.

When you compare the Goal vs Results obtained, it will make you clear on your level towards goal and Vision. Thus, you can look at where the issues are impacting. May be from Strategy, Marketing Channel, Employee management, etc.

10. Reworking on Strategies

If everything is going as per plan and achieving goal, it’s fine. If not, understanding the defects or impacts caused, and addressing them with immediate effect.

Yes, it is always good to admit if our strategy fails. This makes to avoid continuous errors and losing our efforts in great way.

Once you found the issue, re-strategies them and make an effective plan which can make you the return of achieving the Goal.