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Everywhere you go, marketing is Zero without Engaging Content. The basic work of a Content Marketing Agency is to build a strategy for effective brand awareness. Always, Content Marketing starts with Content Writing. Content is the real King in both Traditional and Digital Marketing. Strategizing the content for creating a conversion funnel becomes more vital.

Prior to the Decade, exposure to the internet and digital media was limited. Hence, the search engines or social media had only a few Content Creators.

The dynamics of promotion and marketing have completely changed after the penetration of smart mobiles. People started to check even the near stores from Search Engines.

An engaging Content and Business (Services) is what every consumer looks at. Every customer keens on how the product or services can impact their life modifications. Hence, content marketing helps in creating awareness of any market space to increase demand in the market.

As a leading Digital Marketing Company, We drive our client’s business awareness through effective Content Marketing strategies.

Understanding Targeting Audience

Effective Competitor Analysis to Find the Opportunities

LinkedIn Marketing

Finalizing the Channel to Create Awareness

Working on Effective Unique Selling Point

Funneling Unique Audience and Retargeting

Why 7 Eagles as Content Marketing Agency for your Business

As one of the fast growing Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai, 7 Eagles have a team of professionals who are pioneer in Content Marketing space. We provide end-to-end solutions in providing an effective awareness campaign.

We always operate in a unique style as we have discussed in our strategic planning. Yet we have an effective planning stage before entering the strategy.

Videos (YouTube Marketing)




Commercial Pamphlets

Social Media

Content Writing Services

As we have mentioned earlier, content writing is the basis for content marketing. Yes, we an expert Content Marketing Agency in framing the content and writing them into a promotional tool.

7 Eagles have an experienced team who creates an awesome communicating message of any business. Till now we have touched more than 1000 businesses with our effective content across various industries.

Research Work

Mind Mapping

Content Writing

Content Editing

SEO Implementation

Our aim is to create a content which has 10 xs than the competitors in its quality. This is possible only by intense research work on any niche. We try to understand the Industry and the segment of the customers (audience).

After the research work, we segment the piece of content into mind mapping. The Mind Mapping creates a clear idea on the format and flow of the content. This makes the content very beautiful for readers and provide ample of quality and researched content.

The next phase is where we start writing the content. The objective of the whole exercise is to make it,

The fourth phase will be Content Editing. Professional editors will edit the content and clear all the minor corrections. This helps our reader to engage themselves.

The final step of content writing is SEO optimization. Yes, content should be optimized in such a way it can rank in the search engines. Quality content with proper On-Page SEO works will be helping the purpose of any business.