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Experience 7x ROAS by increasing your Average Order Value

If you’re battling with sales plateaus and ROAS nosedives, Here’s your Google Ads & Meta Ads blueprint to flipping the script and cashing in on revenue like never before.

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Your Brand will Experience Low CPR


Effective CRO to Generate cost-effective Revenue


High AOV & an Ethical ROAS

We helped our client's D2C Clothing Brand finally achieved their e-commerce growth.

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Tired of Same Old Marketing Spiel? Experience with
7 Eagles Strategies

Expert Growth Partners
We become your Expert Growth Partners, aligning our strategies with your NSM (North Star Metric) for laser-focused results.
Honest Audit, Smart Growth
Our Open Ad Audit and RFM Analysis reveal hidden opportunities with no conspiracy, only data-driven insights.
Industry Masters
We're not just marketers, we're Industry Masters who understand your product inside-out.
Innovation and Creativity
Tired of generic ads? We infuse Performance Creatives & Copies with a touch of Innovation & Creativity.
Adaptability and Agility
We embrace change, constantly analyzing platform algorithms and adapting campaigns based on real-time data.
Client-centric Approach
Your vision takes center stage. We actively listen and collaborate to create ad campaigns aligned with your goals.

Why Should You Hire 7 Eagles as Your Advertising Partner?

Marketing strategies tailored around your end goal - Your goal is our NSM!

Reach your marketing goals faster by focusing on the KPIs with our data-driven and proven marketing techniques.

Open Ad Audit & RFM Analysis - No conspiracy from our side, only transparency!

No hidden charges of agenda. Our entire marketing campaign progress and reports will be communicated with you regularly.

In-depth industry knowledge - We know your Products like the back of our hand!

Unique audience? Don’t worry; we understand the nuances of each industry and craft marketing campaigns that cater to your audience and their unique needs.

Client-centric approach - You take center stage in our ad campaigns

We actively listen to your needs, concerns, and requirements and align Ad strategies for better performance accordingly. 

Innovation and creation - We are a blend of both!

Tired of all the other monotonous and regular ad campaigns? We will make yours a breath of fresh air (Performance Creatives & Copies) that will instantly attract and engage your audience.

Adaptability and agility - We never shy away from change; We embrace it!

We analyze platforms algorithm regularly and adjust our Campaign strategies based on real-time data. Our adaptability to unforeseen circumstances is one factor that has garnered immense trust among our clients.

Scale Up Now: Start Your Performance Marketing Journey Today

Meta ads - Facebook & Instagram

  • Selecting the perfect campaign objective for maximum outcome

  • Incorporating Facebook Pixel into product pages for customer engagement and Retargeting Purpose.

  • Showcasing each product using ad creative and copywriting that captures and converts

  • Helps achieve a low Cost Per Result (CPR), high Average Order value (AOV), and exceptional Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

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Google Ads & Analytics

  • Leveraging both Google Shopping Ads and Google Search Ads

  • Keyword research with market-leading tools & keeping an eagle eye out for negative keywords

  • Conducting regular Audit and Optimization for better CTR

  • Using dynamic remarketing ads to drive repurchases

Marketplace Ads - Amazon

  • Building brand awareness with sponsored brands

  • Using category-specific targeting for sponsored products that align with the user’s search intent

  • Conducting regular audits on negative keywords to reduce wasteful ad spend and increase ROAS

  • Using the Flywheel Effect to generate higher revenue and grow a loyal customer base

Advertising on Amazon


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  • Do you want direct access to industry experts who can help you with your e-commerce marketing, business growth, and any other concerns you have?

  • Are you trying to figure out a way for your ads to reach more people and have a bigger impact on your e-commerce sales?

  • Are you convinced that you need an effective Ad strategy, but you aren’t quite sure where to begin?

  • Are you about to launch your next product and want to ensure it’s a huge success, looking for End to End ECommerce Support?

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