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Want to make your website/profile account more attractive without any hassles? So what are you waiting for let’s check out few free social media marketing tools that are worth the use..!

  •  Canvas

  1.  Canvas is one of the best tools for Social media marketing.
  2.  This contains a huge range of templates, varieties of images, and elements that help you to customize your posters or images.
  3.  The tool lets you share the designed stuff easily to share with the team for review.
  4.  And this tool has the best feature to design Infographics. (Infographic is just like a poster or image that interprets the information through images/graphics).
  1. Freepik has vast collections of images and posters.
  2. Actually this free feature i.e available on the internet allows you to access the required images to enhance your brand on social media.
  3. And the main advantage is that the download is completely hassle-free and you can download it in whichever the format you would like to do.
  4.  However, to download some of the images you need a premium account.
  1. Are you tired of managing multiple pages on Facebook and as well as Instagram?  If yes, this tool is for YOU.
  2. Using this Creator studio, you can schedule your posts, reply to comments, track the reach in a single place. cool isn’t it?
  3.  And the main cool thing about this tool is that you can manage Facebook and Instagram profiles in one central place.
  1. If you are hosting a webinar or recording a tutorial then this tool is worth the use.
  2. This tool helps you to record your screen and as well your webcam at a time.
  3. Using Wistia it is easy to manage and organize your videos in a playlist at a place.
  4. Wistia comes with an editing tool which is known as Soapbox, this helps you to record the video, edit, and share them with your followers easily.
  5. It comes with a free trial, however, you can upgrade it to access all the features at any time.
  1. Mailchimp is one of the easiest ways to register your brand on minds.
  2. Create effective content and catchy title that attracts readers to check out the mail they have received from you.
  3. You can share your newsletters, deliver information about the new product launch and also keep track of insights for the same.
  4. And the basic plan of Mailchimp is absolutely free…!
  1. Must use tools for social media marketing.
  2. You can create a customized content calendar that helps you to engage with the customers regularly.
  3. Just add and drop the images on the calendar for each date to schedule them.
  1. Creating content for social media platform is the most important task.
  2. Using plain texts and boring images posted in social media accounts might not work out sometimes.
  3. So, Biteable allows you to edit short videos to post it online/Instagram/website/Facebook, twitter.
  1. Fed up of managing all the social media platforms? Then Hootsuite is for you..!
  2. Manage Analytics of all social media platforms in a single place.
  3. You can check out key metrics like Clicks, Comments, Share,  and Views.
  • SumAll

  1. This feature includes real-time data monitoring, new customer’s view, and returning customers, and also you can keep a record of your goals.
  2. Connect your online marketing and e-commerce data in an interactive chart.
  • Followerwonk

  1. It is one of the most liked twitter tools.
  2. You can see your follower’s activities and view information about their followers.
  3. This helps you to know about their interests and to target their likes.
  • Google Analytics

  1. Last but not least Google analytics is the #1 tool for analyzing web traffic.
  2. You get an overall view of your website traffic from various sources.
  3. And you can keep track of the traffic which is from twitter, Facebook, Instagram or it may be organic traffic also.


  • Using social media tools helps to drive traffic to your website/profile.
  • By using these tools you can keep track of performance data occurring from all the platforms.
  • These tools keep your profile/account well organized.
  • Managing and handling accounts become much easier.
  • Some of them are paid tools. However, you can use the trial version for a few days and you can upgrade it at any time.


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