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GeneratePress vs Astra – Choose the best for your Website

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There are so many WordPress themes that can be difficult to know where to start. GeneratePress and Astra, two of the best-selling themes currently available, are the most common options.

Although there are some similarities between the two themes, each has its own advantages. In this article, we’ll compare GeneratePress and Astra to help you choose the best website builder.

Whether you’re a budding blogger, a seasoned business owner, or the proud proprietor of an online marketplace, choosing the perfect theme is crucial to the success of your website.

There are a wide variety of WordPress themes to choose for your website. GeneratePress and Astra are two of the most utilized templates. Both themes are very powerful, but which will serve your website the best? Here’s a comparison of GeneratePress and Astra.


GeneratePress was designed to be a lean and swift-loading theme for optimal performance. It’s flexible, and its drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to create a website that’s just right for you.

If you care about your website’s performance in search engine results pages, you should use GeneratePress because of its excellent reputation for being SEO-friendly.

GeneratePress’s adaptability is one of its main selling points. It’s versatile enough for everything from personal blogs and portfolios to online shops and corporate sites.

Also, it includes many in-built features, such as typography and color selections, that let you make a polished website without using other plugins or scripting.


Nevertheless, Astra is another fast, responsive, light, and flexible theme. In addition to being extremely flexible, it offers a broad variety of customization options that let you adjust the website to your requirements.

Astra also has a stellar reputation for its ease of use, thanks to its streamlined and well-organized user interface that simplifies web development.

Astra’s compatibility with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder is one of its greatest strengths.

Because of this, advanced page layouts may be made without scripting or extra plugins. Getting started with Astra is a breeze, appreciation to the extensive collection of pre-made templates.

Generatepress vs Astra

The victory between GeneratePress and Astra depends on your requirements and tastes. You can’t go wrong with either of these themes because they are flexible and perform well.

GeneratePress is an excellent option if you need a theme to serve as the basis for various websites. Astra is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a theme that’s easy to use and works well with page builders.

Let us see the features of Generatepress and Astra below.

User Interface

Although both GeneratePress and Astra use a drag-and-drop interface, the two platforms differ in other respects.


User Interface

No pre-built sites are available in the free version of GeneratePress (but does with the premium version). The free edition also lacks a backend dashboard for customizing the app. So, after downloading the free theme, you should immediately use the WordPress Customizer.

GeneratePress is lighter than Astra within the Customizer’s settings. This makes the Astra Customizer options more simple.


User Interface 1

For basic websites, Astra provides a free edition. For this reason, the WordPress customizer won’t load until you choose to install the theme’s demo site first. Other than these, Astra’s settings would mirror those of Generatepress in every other respect.

Nonetheless, many have noted and echoed that Astra’s user interface is significantly more intuitive than Gpress’s. It could be because you wouldn’t only get a list of possibilities in writing but a picture as well.

Integration Convenience

When contrasting Astra with GeneratePress, there is a significant gap in terms of integration capability. Let’s get some background information and then schedule the assessment.


Integration Convenience

Third-party plugins work well with GeneratePress and vice versa. However, GeneratePress has fewer third-party plugin supports than Astra. As expected, it is WooCommerce-compatible, and it also boasts full control over custom post types and theme elements, as well as tight unification with new views and layout betas. In addition, the Toolset plugin works beautifully with this theme.


Integration Convenience 1

The Astra theme plays well with LifterLMS and LearnDash, two more plugins. It works well in a team with both Elementor and Beaver Builder. Furthermore, Easy Digital Downloads support has been built in. And obviously, WooCommerce integration is supported. Also, Astra provides elements to employ in constructing relatively complicated pages.

Design and Layout

User interface matters. Good website design is half the battle. Both themes enhance your website. The WordPress customizer gives GeneratePress and Astra their UIs. It previews blog style changes in real-time, which is fantastic.

Both themes allow substantial customization, and themes’ customizers distinguish them.


Design and Layout

GeneratePress is the lightest WordPress theme I’ve seen. It has several WP customizer options. The GP Premium options page lists its modules.

Customize your theme’s background, color, and layout. You may modify typography and spacing in widgets, headers, navigation, and more.

Hooks or blocks in the elements area allow theme customization. Due to limited customizing choices, GP’s free theme doesn’t include these features.

The GP premium theme includes 60+ templates that are not available in GeneratePress free.


Design and Layout 1

Talking about the Astra theme, there are some fantastic customization possibilities. You get everything GP does, plus a special mega menu, white-labeling, WooCommerce integration, simple digital downloads, and more.

While the free edition of GeneratePress limits your options, the Astra add-ons are all you need to make a beautiful website. Customized layouts are available in Astra, replacing GeneratePress’s elements.

The Astra Pro theme comes with over one hundred and eighty pre-built pages.


Again, you won’t find many differences between the two themes when it comes to modifying the look. But to simplify things, let me highlight the key distinction between the two themes.


  • You can adjust the positioning of items and the size of paddings and margins with the mobile header option in the GeneratePress theme.
  • Separate page headers can be edited manually.
  • You can use a transparent header, play a movie or image in the background, etc.
  • The heads of individual posts and pages can also be edited this way.
  • Your footer, layout, custom text, and so on are all customizable.


  • When working with Astra, you can select from several different footer widget styles and writing in your text.
  • Depending on the website template you use, Astra provides you with various widget places.
  • Astra gives you complete control over the look of your website by letting you modify the fonts and colors used throughout.


There are already-constructed site layouts available with both of the themes. In contrast to GeneratePress, Astra offers a more comprehensive collection of pre-built websites.



It is great to have a library of website templates with GeneratePress. But it’s not quite as small as Astra’s, the library isn’t massive. Still, it is replete with excellent subjects. Also, you may get themes for use with page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, and Brizy, all within the GeneratePress framework.


Templates astra

Moreover, pre-made templates are a breeze to install on Astra.

Simply add a free plugin, and the import of the template will begin immediately after installation. However, the themes were created specifically for Astra pro templates. So, the free version of the theme might not function as expected if you intend to use it.

Loading Time

GeneratePress and Astra have a good reputation for being lightweight and quick to load, although they are not identical.


Loading Time

GeneratePress was made to be a fast and lightweight blogging platform. It does this by reducing the number of database queries and lines of code that a website needs to run. Because of this, GeneratePress is a great choice if speed is the most important thing to you, GeneratePress might be better.


Loading Time astra

Even though Astra was also built with speed in mind, the extra features and customization options it offers may make the site bigger, which could make it take longer to load. Astra gives you some ways to improve performance through optimization to make up for this.

Page Builder Support

Plugins for the WordPress Page Builder make web design a breeze. Page builders have made coding obsolete for creating beautiful websites by allowing grid-based, drag-and-drop editing. That’s why add-ons like Page Builder have become so popular among users over time.


Page Builder Support

Page builders are also compatible with GeneratePress. There are fewer customization possibilities available within the theme compared to Astra. Whether you use Beaver Builder or Elementor, you can rest easy knowing that GeneratePress works with both.


Astra l

Astra is a WordPress theme compatible with the most popular page builders, including Beaver Builder, Elementor, Gutenberg, Brizy, and Divi. People who use Astra can always utilize their preferred Page Builder.


There is no clear winner between GeneratePress and Astra, as they are both excellent WordPress themes with many features and choices. GeneratePress may be simpler and more intuitive, but Astra has more sophisticated customization possibilities and a larger selection of pre-built themes.

Ultimately, it should come down to your preferences and needs to make the final choice between the two options.

Since GeneratePress is the preferred choice of most WordPress designers and developers, you can rest assured that you are receiving a premium WordPress theme that will allow you to make a beautiful website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both GeneratePress and Astra are known for their speed and performance. However, GeneratePress is generally slightly faster than Astra.

GeneratePress is generally more straightforward than Astra, although both themes are relatively easy to use and customize.

GeneratePress is generally a better option for beginners due to its easy use and straightforward customization options.

GeneratePress and Astra are SEO-friendly and have several features to help with SEO, but GeneratePress is slightly better suited to SEO than Astra.


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