Google December 2020 Core Update rolling out

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Google December 2020 Core Update rolling out

Google Core Update, several search data companies shows that the latest update was very big and extensive. This update seems to be slowing down in terms of the fluctuations .we would see from this update over time, with the largest changes on Friday, December 4th.

The perspectives on what happened in the Google core update may vary. When Google made an update, Google access again the SERP rating of websites builds capability, authority, and responsibility. With the previous announcement, the main core algorithm update intended to re-evaluate the content quality.

The folks from Rank Ranger shared about the update.

Here is what he shared:

“This December 2020 update was a “major one,” telling us it absolutely was that while the May 2020 update was immense, the “December update showed more changes than the May update in some areas, especially within the top three results.”

Previous Updates

  • The previous core update was the May 2020 core update (also referred to as Star Wars Day), which was big and broad. It took two weeks to fully roll out.
  • Before that, it was the January 2020 core update.
  • September 2019 core update, that doesn’t have a big effect as previous core updates. Many SEOs and webmasters feel it was so weaker.
  • Later on, Google released an update in November, but that was specific to local rankings.

Google Core Updates and Nobody Sees the changes

It happened often in the past that Google has changed something and the SEO community didn’t notice it.

For instance, when Google added an algorithm like BERT many couldn’t detect the changes that it made.

The quality of non-observable changes may indicate that what has changed might have something to do with how Google understands web queries and web pages.

Every year, Google introduces more than 3000 small changes to their algorithms. Through these changes, marketers can understand what they can do to stay on Google’s good side.

December 2020 Core Update Highlights
  • The update comes mostly content-oriented and also focused on quality.
  • Fluctuation in ranking positions is noticed for Global search queries.
  • It may result in the keywords dropping and less traffic
  • The update improves related outcomes for search results.
  • No website is affected by the Google update, however, to develop content quality.
Winners and Losers of the Latest Update
  • Multi-sectors affected much this time.
  • The second day of the rollout: The SERPs for most site categories reached (9.4) instability.
  • On the first day of the update, it seemed to be comparatively unaffected by it like Books & Literature and Real Estate.
  • On the same day, it is noted that the sudden spine in Shopping results on SERPs, which rapidly came back to the pre-update levels.
What to Do After the Core Update?

A turndown in search ranking is not a sign that there’s something wrong with your website.

If there is a sudden decline in your search rankings and you suspect that your site has been hit by the Google algorithm update for December 2020, the search giant provided a list of things to be considered.

In past, no-one can judge the methods that push the low-quality site to forward search results. But now, the Google update helps to deal with those issues.

Evaluate web content
  • Contains original information, research, or analysis.
  • Offers a wide-ranging or worth mentioning description of the topic.
  • Provides an insightful analysis of your topic.
  • Not to be a copy or rewrite of its source material.
  • Is original and provides additional value.
  • Does not contain exaggerated headlines.

We don’t have to wait for a longer time, in order to see the results of your efforts. Make necessary adjustments to acquire the traffic or search ranking you might have lost.


Google announced the upcoming two algorithm updates for March and May 2021, which going to focus on a user’s page experience.

The UX signals in ranking will roll out in May 2021. The new signals combine Core Web Vitals with the existing signals which include the following,

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Safe-browsing
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
  • Intrusive interstitial

It is informing us of what is about the upcoming update. So take time to learn more about the changes, assess your websites, and then update them to perform well.

The rate of technological advances and improvement in the SEO sector isn’t slowing down. We should wait for major changes and updates in 2021.

  • Hope this Google Algorithm core update article helps you to understand the major Google updates.
  • Changes in algorithm create revolutions in SEO. It allows us to know what to do to fix our sites if something is not good.
  • The core update basically deals with the proper SEO execution giving more importance to content strategies.
  • When you understand the basic component of SEO practises, Search engine core updates don’t impact your site much. Still, it is necessary to understand the updates.
  • Every update provides equal weightage towards Local SEO, Mobile friendly, Core Webs Vitals of your site.
  • Better SEO practice will certainly yield a better ranking in any situation.
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