How to Build Quality Backlinks

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How to Build Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks, before going into this section of the subject, you should have a clear understanding of the importance of backlinks in SEO. As digital marketers, we should understand what is more important. The number of backlinks or Quality Backlink.

Even we create millions of backlinks where the Domain Score/Authority is just 1-2, it’s simply a waste of time.

When it comes to backlinks, many experts so-called go for either paid packages or submit in the site, where the site itself struggles for traffic.

So, what is the point in having your landing page at that site? Absolutely, a textbook methodology just does backlinks.

Here we would guide you all through a practical way of quality like building techniques. This will surely boost your SEO score, ranking, and organic traffic.

Create Quality Contents for Backlinks

  • When you decide to move your business through a digital medium, the first part is to keep your website very active.
  • The website can be active by writing blogs on the service or products you built.
  • These blogs are termed as content over the blog. as many blogs on your website will have high ranking keywords.
  • So, you might understand, how important a blog does its job in ranking a website. In practice, when you are regular in updating your site with blogs (contents) your Alexa traffic ranking will increase.
  • So, you should take the owners in providing quality content to your audience. When the content is so relevant and has uniqueness in convincing the searcher’s need, your website will have more chances to get natural backlinks.
  • There are many websites, which produce quality content blogs and get more natural backlinks. These website owners don’t spend time creating backlinks as their content is doing.

Guest Posting to Create Quality Backlinks

  • The second best method to create a link building is by guest posting. In recent years, few SEO experts have shifted their lights over guest posts or blogging.
  • Before sharing a guest post or blog to other websites. You should consider a few key parameters like : Domain Authority – Posting on a high DA website will increase your site DA, Spam Score – Never post on any website which has a spam score of more than 5%, even if the DA is 95 and Organic Traffic – It is useless of linking to a website that doesn’t have to traffic to redirect to your website.
  • 60% of blogger write 1-5 posts in a month, in which 79% of the content are completely promotional to their site.
  • Only 6% of the guest posts are content-rich and make sense for the reader. Always try to provide perfect content while you do as a guest.
  • Try to keep the maximum number of backlinks in that post. Minimum 3-5 will be much better. These backlinks will be responsible to bring traffic to your site.
  • Always do a guest post for the sites which allow dofollow links.
  • Note: As per, 67% of the website doesn’t have any backlinks. 95% of websites don’t have quality backlink.
Directory Submission

Directory submission is known as the yellow pages in SEO. It is as same as a telephone directory. As telephone directory is no more needed, many Search engine optimization or Social media marketing experts claim directory submission as a failure.

But, directory submissions are still a backbone and has a deep role in link building. when it comes to directories there are key aspects to maintain a checklist. They are,

  • Domain Score should be a minimum greater than 20.
  • The spam score should be less than 5.
  • Choose a relevant category of your niche in submitting your URL. If you submit your website URL in an irrelevant category/directory, it would be considered a spam score. This will increase your website spam score.
  • It is not necessary for a directory to be nofollow or dofollow. Irrespectively, it redirects traffic to your site once you’re found in search.
Article Submission

This is the second type of submission of your site link through an article, There are two types of article submission practically,

  • Submitting in the article submission website – Where the content should be 100% unique and it should be submitted by your end and will be reviewed by the editor to approve your content.
  • There are many websites, which loves to have quality articles on their webpage to increase the engagement of viewers. They approach you to upload your article on their website and provide you a dofollow backlink and to avoid copyright issues.

As we mentioned earlier, quality content plays a crucial role in creating quality backlinks.

Social Bookmark Submission

This is as same as posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In, etc. As we mentioned in social media marketing strategies, social media are useful to create instant traffic, engagements, and brand awareness.

At the same time, these are also considered as backlinks, as long as your links available on social media. The link will redirect to your website landing page. This is an ultimate way of creating traffic to site.

Apart from those 4 social media platforms which are widely used, people don’t take much step ahead and look for other social engagements.

The other 10 useful tools for social bookmark are,

  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Digg
  • Stumble upon

These are a small list and wide used nofollow backlink social bookmark sites, there are many others to submit for more engagements.

Competitor Analysis for Quality Backlinks

This is the most important SEO practice that helps in building high-quality links to your site. How to analyze competitor information.

Tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, etc provide competitor’s information like,

  • Number of Keywords
  • Domain Score
  • Organic Monthly Traffic
  • Top Ranking Pages
  • Backlinks of Top ranking pages
  • Top ranking keywords
  • Broken Links.

Using this information, you approach the site where your competitors have built the link.

  • Create an engagement with the site owner.
  • Request for a guest post.
  • If it is a directory, article, social bookmark submissions submit your landing page.
  • Never ask for an exchange of backlinks. You will consider as spam.
  • Never try to share in the comment section. It is 100% spam by the site owner.
  • If any broken links of your competitor found on any website. Contact the website owner and try to swap the broken link with your activation link.
  • So, hope now you all are clear on how to build quality backlinks in a more practical manner. This type of link building helps in enhancing Off-page SEO.
  • Quality backlinks are going to increase your traffic, and domain score.
  • To get quality link building of your landing pages, foremost you should focus on quality content. Quality content will provide build links naturally.
  • Take complete advantage of Guest posting and competitor information.
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