How to Detect AI-Generated Content

How to Detect AI-Generated Content

Ashkar Gomez
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AI technology has improved. It is now used in copywriting. It is crucial to identify an author’s gender and if the content was written by an AI. Each AI language model is becoming more developed. The distinction between human-authored and AI-produced articles is getting harder to determine. This is due to their sophistication.

How to Detect AI-Generated Content?

The study’s findings show three big signs of AI-generated content. It has false and trivial info, lacks depth and personality, and has lots of repeated keels. These signs can help avoid diluting writing with AI-sourced content.

In this blog, we will explore the key signs. They can help you spot AI-generated content and keep your writing honest.

Incorrect and Outdated Information

A good way to tell AI-written from human-written articles is to look for fake or outdated info. But, generating text from language models is the issue. Most models are trained on a huge corpus. Sometimes, their content may be old or inaccurate. This is especially true when the topic is dynamic. Thus, it will be possible to comprise all the differences and inaccuracy, which point that AI can create such text.

Lack of Depth and Personality

People’s works contain information from a personal or neutral view. They may include the author’s way of thinking and writing. Using natural language generation to make AI writing may present limits. It may lack complex info and the author’s touch. Avoid expected interpretations or the Word document like to the power of two, an unmotivating formulaic writing style.

Repetitive Language

This is a common issue. It makes the content seem monotonous because several passages may have the same words or structures. By analyzing the text’s language, one can detect situations where the content is likely made with an AI system.

How Does AI-Generated Content Differ From Human-Written Content?

That’s why AI-generated text and human-generated text differ. They differ due to the cognitive processes used by the system and the limits of human thought. AI systems can analyze text and make text from data. They can also create complete text. But, they lack authoring skills, personal experiences, and human creativity.

Human-written content is often characterized by:

  • Unique perspectives and insights
  • Emotional resonance and personal touch
  • Varied sentence structures and vocabulary
  • Contextual awareness and logical flow
  • Originality and creativity

In contrast, AI-generated content may exhibit:

  • Factual inaccuracies or outdated information
  • Lack of depth and personality
  • Repetitive language and formulaic structures
  • Inconsistent or generic tone
  • Difficulty in maintaining coherence and logical flow over longer passages

The Best AI Content Detection Tools for Content Marketers

The Best AI Content Detection Tools for Content Marketers​

This is due to the advancement of AI content generation and various tools that have been created to be able to detect generated AI content. Some of the most effective AI content detection tools include:

  1. Originality. ai: Here is the example of an application that utilizes machine playing capabilities to detect the AI-written text.
  2. GPT-2 Output Detector: But, as you’ll soon find out, all hope is not lost; the tool that you are looking at right now was created by the company Anthropic and is designed to identify text that GPT-2 has written.
  3. Grammarly: Grammarly is mainly recognized as an application that identifies grammatical mistakes and misspellings in the content, yet it also has a plagiarism-checking option that may help reveal the AI-generated text.
  4. Copyscape: Currently, this is one of the useful tools for checking plagiarism and it can also be equally used to check AI written material against existing posted content.
  5. Writer: In addition to enhancing the overall quality of your content, this writing tool incorporates an ‘AI Writing Assistant feature to detect AI-written content.


But, let me remind you again. AI can help make content. But, it has downsides and should not be used as a scalpel for creating content. AI can help you make a great content strategy. It keeps human aspects in mind. This will help you earn your readers’ trust and overcome distrust.

What is the best free AI writing detector?

There are some of the leading free AI writing detectors are GPT-2 Output Detector, Plagiarism Checker offered by Grammarly, and Copyscape. The tools are based on complex math functions. The functions are used to analyze text and search for AI-generated content.

Does Google detect AI writing?

No. Google option can detect writing with or without AI. But, search has algorithms that filter out low-quality content. So, it prioritizes people-written articles. To some extent, Google may spot menial AI-generated content. It will do this by focusing on criteria like content quality, uniqueness, and audiences.

How accurate are AI writing detectors?

AI writing detectors can also be very wrong. It depends on the AI tool chosen and the complexity of the AI writing. It is also important to note that most of these tools are very useful for finding simple AI-generated text. They may fail to find more complex and subtle AI writing. 

Can You Check if Content is AI-Generated?

Sure, they can verify content as AI-generated through the available AI content detection tools such as the Originality. GPT-2 Output Detector, Grammarly, Copyscape, Writer AI, and Author.

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