How to Increase Domain Authority

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How to Increase Domain Authority

Domain Authority, in recent times we have quite spoken a lot in our articles. Today we would love to take you all through the phase of increasing the domain score of your website. We are not taking through what is domain score or page score.

We will be discussing much larger on,

  • Why domain Score
  • Is domain score only the parameter for ranking, and
  • How to increase the domain score.

Why Domain Authority, an important tool used to audit your website. It has introduced the Mozbar extension, which can be installed in your browser. This helps to identify,

  • Page Authority (PA).
  • Domain Authority (DA).
  • Spam Score.

As we have mentioned in earlier posts, the domain score provides trust for your website. There might be a direct or indirect link for ranking with the help of a domain score.

DA is valued between 1 to 100. Higher the DA, the higher the authority. It is indeed an unmet need for many website owners or bloggers in ranking them.

Even many digital marketers, don’t know the exact value of domain score in off page SEO. We have found out in many cases, the domain with more than 5 years old, having DA less than 5.

This example will clear your question of, “why you need high DA”

If two website has similar content and a similar load of keywords. Website ‘A’ has DA of 70 and Website ‘B’ has DA of just 10.

So, which website will rank in 1st page SERP. Yes, you are perfectly awesome.

Website ‘A” will be ranking as 1st post on the 1st page. Website ‘B’ will never be on any of the pages between 1-5 for sure.

How this DA plays a major role in ranking.

Is Domain Score, the Only Parameter for Ranking

By the end of the above paragraph, you would have understood the importance of DA. Going one step ahead, most of us might think, the primary role is to increase your DA. But isn’t so. There are many parameters involved.

As per the google search engine algorithm, DA is not an important parameter for ranking.

The search engine gives more viability to the following parameters,

  • Keyword enriched content.
  • Relevant and Quality Content
  • Keyphrases in Title, Meta Description, without keyword stuffing
  • Backlinks in relevant sites with high DA
  • Mobile friendly
  • Low web loading speed
  • Grammar
  • Plagiarism

Finally, DA plays a crucial role in ranking the sites. So, the best site should have all the parameters with high DA.

How to Increase Domain Score

There is no science behind increasing domain scores. But, proper strategies in link building will increase the ranking of the page.

Use Backlinks in High DA Websites
  • It is always necessary to build backlinks for your site. A backlink is a type of promotion and branding of your domain.
  • Most people built backlink in 10000 sites, but their DA will be less than 20. This proves there is no quality backlinks done.

  • The above picture is an analysis of Backlinks and DA. The DA of this site is just 19. But you can see the backlinks counter is 11,900.
  • This what we keep on insisting, do backlinks in websites with high DA.
  • This analysis is done by WooRank Extension
Avoid Linking High Spam Websites
  • The second important is to check the spam score, before building your links in any sites.
  • High Spam links will lead to an increase in your site’s spam score.
  • Whenever you link in an irrelevant site, it will be considered to be spam.
  • Spam score will never promote your site to search engines. Further, Alexa’s traffic ranking also decreases day by day.
Link High Traffic Links
  • Like linking in DA, linking in high traffic websites will also increase your site’s DA.
  • DA score of any site will be updated only once in 30-45 days. Till then high traffic will the option for search engines to consider for ranking.
  • You can check your Global and local ranking through Alexa Traffic Rank.
  • It is more important to increase your DA.
  • Domain Authority is not the only parameter in search engine ranking. But, DA plays a crucial role.
  • Understand the ways by which you have to earn high DA with a Low Spam score.
  • Backlinks score increases, only if the links are done in high DA.
  • DA is the form of trust in your website.
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