How to Recruit an Employee for a Startup

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The startup, the often-used word by an entrepreneur mindset people. Whenever people get some knowledge over their niche, their minds will ask them to start a company. Unluckily, only a few startup companies are surviving more than 5 years. One of the important reasons is the employee recruitment process while starting a fresh company. As a startup, we will be looking after a newbie to the firm. We will be discussing more on how to find the passion, knowledge, mindset to learn towards achieving excellence in the company. We need an extraordinary skill to recruit talents for startups.

Fresher or Experienced

It’s always a complex decision where more company thinks in a diverse mode. It is not that only experience employee does innovative creations for the organization, even many successful companies are built to be leaders of its niche by the fresher’s, the new talent.

While a company is started it’s the whole responsibility of the founder and co-founder to work towards finding the new clients doing the job and satisfying them. Very often we will not be to attract an international client, feel our first client as our first opportunity, and do all the best possible ways to satisfy the client. That’s the first step towards success as an organization you move with. In this regard, it doesn’t really need an experienced employee, you just to take a new talent. The new talent has to come with the mindset of learning, earning, and progressing along with the organization. The newbie has to be attracted by the way, founders lead the organization and engagement provided to them.

Attract Young Talents by Social Presence

We are in the era, where the internet is dominating in every nod and corner of the world, as smartphones are at every finger. People do believe as it is in google search and the blogs of the providers. We have multiple channels to promote us. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media when it comes to business management and business development process. Most largely the B2B business is carried by LinkedIn. We should have a strong presence in updating what we do, what the different approaches we deliver to our clients, posting on the testimonial of clients as well as employees. This is going to attract the youngest talent to work without any concern on the paycheck, their needs will become “how will grow with this organization”. Post regularly in the social platform from different standpoints, this would even attract you the desired investors.

Fruitful Vision and Mission

We have discussed on this parameter in our previous topic – How to start a business, but the fundamental remains the same on recruiting the new young talent. The Vision of the company gives a clear idea of where he will be in the next 10 years of his career. Every employee has a clear mindset on a win to win situation, if the organization is to grow, same time myself also need to grow. This is perfectly the correct way to be engaged in a company. Provide them a road map of where the company will be, no one is ready to work in a company which earns is million-dollar and vanish within 5 years. Our mission has to be clearly written in employee’s hearts which makes them do their daily routine, daily agenda, time table analysis, etc. The first thing which a company and its leadership team have to show their team or employee is being punctual. Punctual is not meant to start the meeting at the scheduled time, also to end the meeting as mentioned in the schedule. This makes your employees be punctual, disciplined, and goal-oriented people to achieve your vision. More than your paycheck, the company’s mission, vision, and culture have to admire them.

Have a Cool Interview Session

As a startup, most companies wouldn’t afford to rent or lease a workspace, it’s not advisable to go for a loan to acquire an office setup, and rather your employees can be given the freedom of work from home and can be monitor through daily engaging and brainstorming reviews. We can handle two types of interviews.

1. Internship Program

In this case, look for people who can work for you as an intern, most of the companies in India having the option of offering Internship which attracts the final year college student to work and earn experience over the company projects and offering them a permanent job or else providing them with an experience internship certificate.

2. Interview at Social Hub

This will be a real interview where you choose the real young talent. So, you can invite them to any social hub platform like CCD, Starbucks, etc. have a sweet chat with them, don’t go into the interview process directly. Promote your company, what you really looking for within the talent. Please avoid the traditional interview process of taking through an aptitude test, this is not going to work anymore. If you need a programmer, ask them to drive a program through your system within some time. Review it, maybe their coding is not up to the mark, if you find you can improve them by proper training acquire them.

  • As a startup, it is not necessary to hire an experienced candidate, search for young talent who can drive your company’s growth.
  • Always have a social presence, which will automatically attract your employees by the way you engage.
  • No one is ready to work in a company with 5 years road map, show them the clear picture of your vision and mission, and how they can develop with the organization.
  • Choose people as interns to work for a stipend which they are at final year degree, which will be profitable to us and to the candidate to have a good experience will perusing degree.
  • Take an interview on what you really need from the employee, don’t follow the same traditional way.
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