Importance of Backlinks in SEO

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Importance of Backlinks in SEO

High-quality backlinks are what an SEO expert looks for. This is the process that comes under off-page SEO. You should know the same as On-Page and technical SEO, there is a lot of importance in off-page SEO.

There are few statistics reports which tell,

  • About 67% of websites or webpages don’t have a single backlink.
  • The Top pages of every niche get links from new websites at a range of 5-15%.
  • As per Ahrefs, Statistics analysis. The more the backlinks, the more organic traffics.

These statistics have clearly set a framework for discussing further link building process.

What is Backlinks

This is basically called link building. The process of backing searchers from a relevant site of others. This often creates authority in the algorithm of Google search engine.

When you have more links that can route to your website as a landing page, the more viable for search engines.

The process of link building can be done from both,

  • Our end – via submission like director, article, press release, answer site, etc.
  • Naturally Built – If someone likes our article and love to provide more information for their viewers. They will give your site URL as a backlink in their article or webpage.

The process of naturally built links is very difficult. As we mentioned in Statistics, your site will get a chance only if it features on the first page on search engine i.e. top three articles of search engine.

So, the best way for backlinking is by submission to various sites by our end. We will take you through the types of submission process later.

These backlinks are more responsible for increasing the Domain Authority of your website. Domain Authority is a facility offered by,

Types of Backlinks in SEO

There are two types of backlinks basically. They are Do Follow and No Follow.

What are Do-Follow and No-Follow? Is there any impression in ranking or domain authority? We can find whether the link is No-follow or Do-Follow by looking at HTML code.

Do-Follow links

Do-Follow backlinks can be used as a source for searchers to reach your landing page. Only Do-Follow links will add value to your domain authority and ranking of your site.

Please find the example HTML Tag:

Emergency Funds

No-Follow links

No-Follow links will also facilitate the advantage of redirecting to your website. But, this will never provide you an advantage on Domain authority (DA) or ranking over search engines.

You should never do a link building in No-Follow sites, but if it happens naturally. It doesn’t matter, as it has the advantage of bringing traffic if the user clicks over the link.

Please find the example of No-Follow HTML Tag:
Emergency Funds

Advantages of Backlinks in SEO

1. Increasing Search Engine Ranking:

The main aim of every SEO expert is to increase the ranking of websites in search engines. For every 7 people over the world, there is 1 blog. The content is consumed and trafficked all over the search engine.

The search engine finds it hard to rank a post only on the relevancy of the content. So, the Google search engine algorithm changes half-yearly once. The search engine provides an even weightage over backlinks and their quality as a criterion for ranking of a website.

Research says almost 3.6 Billion searches are happening in Google search Engine Globally every day. Almost 350+ Million result posts appear for every search

2. Increment of Referral Traffic:

The basic idealogy of link building is driving traffic from some other website. It doesn’t matter on do-follow or no-follow, every backlink will redirect to the landing page of the URL we linked in.

As a website owner or an SEO expert, the primary focus will be,

  • Increasing traffic through various Medium – Organic, Referral, Social Media, Backlink sites, Gmail, google news, etc.
  • Brand Awareness – Initially organic traffic will be less compared to other sources of traffic. So, we use backlinks and social media as traffic mediums by creating brand awareness.
  • Alexa Traffic Rank.

Initially, we started building our links to other websites via directories, guest posts, articles sharing, etc. After a week or later, we started getting a good amount of traffic redirected from other websites.

3. Helps to Increase Domain Authority:

We have spoken a lot about domain authority. Many SEO experts say google algorithm doesn’t consider the domain score.

But frankly speaking, Domain authority has a role in increasing the ranking of your website. To increase DA, the only way is to build more links to your sites. Building links should be done in proper domains, which we will cover in our next topic of how to build quality backlinks.

Yes, more than the number of Backlinks, Quality Backlinks and More number of referring domains are most important.

Types of Backlinks Submissions

As we have mentioned at the beginning of the article, the natural building of links is only possible, when your website is ranking on page 1. Till then to increase domain authority and other benefits of link building, we have to submit our website URL by the following methods.

  • Directory Submissions.
  • Social Bookmark Submissions.
  • Slideshare Submissions.
  • Article Submissions.
  • Guest Post/Blogging.
  • Image Submission.
  • Video Submission.
  • Answering Sites
  • Business Listing Sites
  • Press Release Submissions.
  • Classified Submissions.
  • Blog Commenting.

There the ways or types of submissions available to link your URL to some other websites.

Backlink Checker

This is a facility available by leading SEO specialists over the web. Why do we need to use a backlink checker?

  • Number of Backlinks currently our Site has.
  • Percentage of No-Follow and Do-Follow links.
  • How many links added for the month and how many have removed.
  • What are the domains referring to our landing page?
  • Competitor’s Backlinks happened in the monthly dashboard. This will help us to make backlinks over those websites too.

Here are the most important backlink checkers are,

These are the top 5 tools where you can really be confident on analysis.

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