Importance of Off Page SEO

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Importance of Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is a part of Search Engine Optimization. Since it has predominant work in site buildings, it is also known as Off Site SEO. As per, 70% of the time spent by a digital marketer or blogger, or site owner is on On page. Only 30% of the time is spent on Off page.

Readers could look behind on the Introduction to Search Engine Optimization. The search engine algorithm and ranking factors change from time to time. Search engines are keen on trust, relevancy, and domain authority. These three are unchanged parameters of search engines.

More than content creation, promotion is what as a digital marketer you should focus on. The promotions can be done by site building, social media shares, etc. These are the basics of off site SEO.

Off Page SEO vs On-Site SEO

Off Page SEO

  • The activities that are done outside of your site, which help your site to rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).
  • The main work behind is link building. Link building increases your domain Authority.
  • This will be the best promotional and authority builder for your website.

On-Site SEO

  • Generally, deals within the site. The major works are aligned to keywords in Title, Meta descriptions, and quality of content.
  • It helps to increase to generate traffic organically on the key phrases which searchers use.
  • Unfortunately, until your site has a good Domain score than your competitors for the same keywords. Your site won’t appear on the first page of SERP.

But both these types are useful in ranking your site. So, give equal priorities.

what is Domain Authority

Domain Authority or Domain score is shared by the links shared on other sites. We have already given an overview of domain authority in the previous topic how does search engine works

Domain Authority is the average of all Page’s Authority. Page Authority is calculated as per the domain authority of the site we link our URL. Ultimately, there will be links from various sites that would be shared. So, the Domain Score will be equally shared.

For example, you link your page URL to a website with a domain score of 40. Along with your site, there are 9 other site’s page is been linked. Totally, 10 site’s page is linked. Hence, your site will get a Page authority of 4 for the particular page URL linked.

Please have a look at, how to increase the domain score.

So, it is always necessary to link your page with a website having a domain score of more than 40, will bring more domain score. As domain score increases, the authority in front of the search engine increases.

Off Page SEO Types

Before entering into the techniques used, let us have a brief understanding of types of link building. They are basically three types,

  • Natural Links
  • Manually Built Links.
  • Self Created Links

Natural Links: When other websites look at your content more valuable and consider to be helpful for their audience. They use your URL of the post or website as an outbound link. This type of link building is the natural way of backlinking. This provides a perfect authority for search engines to rank, as your domain score increases.

Manually Built Links: These are the ways by which we ask the other website owners with high domain authority to link your website. It can be through Guest blogging or other affiliates program. They will be used as an influencer in this case. In this type of link building, only Guest blogging will be a perfect method.

There are many hawkers who provide links for payment. Kindly avoid this practice, it will decay your SEO works.

Self Created Links: This method comes under, link building with the help of internet directories, social media shares, article submissions, etc. You should be careful before linking in such a way on Spam Score.

It will become a Black Hat SEO hawk if submitted in un relevant directories.

Off Page SEO Techniques

As many basic parts are covered in types category. We will directly take you through the techniques to develop better backlinks.

You should have this by your heart that, Backlinks are the backbone for website authority and trust-building.

The major techniques are,

  • Guest Blogging.
  • Social Media Shares.
  • More Inbound links.
  • Backlink Submissions.

These four techniques are all time useful to increase domain authority and search ranking.

  • As keywords take some time to appear on performance and search engine’s sight. Backlinks also take some time to send the audience to your site.
  • By these ways, more number of audience reaches your landing page. As traffic increases, search engines also will believe your website has more relevant content.
  • Always, submit your links on the website which has DOFOLLOW facility and not on NOFOLLOW websites. It’s just a waste of time untill you link NOFOLLOW websites.
  • Use Social medium as the best platforming in promoting your website. It can bring you more audiece.
  • Always try to built your post or web page with both inbound and outbound links. To keep audience engaged and to reduce bounce rate, assure to have more than 3 inbound links.

Many people, don’t include outbound links on a note, why should i promote other website. Search engine algorithm will never see website friendly as long as you don’t provide out bound links. So, better place atleast 1 out bound links.

Quality of content shares equals weightage to keyword research in terms on On-page SEO.

  • As per search engine algorithm, off page SEO has a predominent role in website rankings.
  • Link your URL on the Sites with high domain authority or score.
  • The best practice is to build links with more guest blogging.
  • To fetch in first page of search engine result page, you should develop domain authority. Backlinks are the best practice for increasing domain authority.
  • To increase trust of your website, built both inbound and outbound links.
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