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Digital Marketing business, the process of marketing or advertising through the internet and digital platforms. In India, after JIO launched the 4G network for free for a few months, the competitors tend to make a nominal price on internet cost which ultimately promoted 4G smart mobile in every Indian hand. India holds the largest market for smartphones, and this made India a digital hug for e-commerce, YouTube mode of advertising. Digital marketing is a demanding skill currently, which most of the companies looking for. Digital marketing is an added tool to increase your business potential. So, let us go through the introduction part.

Types of Digital Marketing

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Message Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

For many decades, we were engaged in the same way of marketing. Which was classified as b2b (Business to Business) and b2c (Business to Customer) later? These traditional ways of advertising the products will reach only a few customers at a time but digital marketing has transformed to visible to ‘n’ number of customers. The basic medium which was used for digital marketing was television and radio advertisements earlier, which were capable of reaching many customers. People thought whichever told in the advertisement was correct. Now the time has changed. Business trends changed, with no investments they can achieve a lot of new customers who are relevant to their business, this is due to the search engines make the relevant traffic to the website or blog by the process SEO.

Now, it’s time to change the way of promoting our business from traditional b2b, b2c towards digital marketing. But, it’s a complete package and lot of things to learn and apply. Let look at the importance of DM.

Importance of Digital Marketing

  • Foremost, every business is in high competition within its market. If, we don’t find the alternative way to promote ourselves we would be pushed out of the market.
  • We always use a mobile phone to search for anything near us on the Google search page. For example, ‘Best restaurant near me’, there comes a list of hotels or restaurants near us with Direction, operation hours, reviews, etc. This is because of GOOGLE MY BUSINESS which is a part of Digital Marketing.
  • Whenever we ask google or yahoo, it leads to the most relevant article. The process is Crawl, index, and ranking.
  • CRAWL – When a keyword is placed over the search engine. Google crawl using an extension known as ‘bot‘ and check all the pages available on the web.
  • INDEX – This process picks or selects all the posts with matching to the relevant search keywords and make it appear in the Search Engine Result Page(SERP).
  • RANKING – The process by which search engines find the most suitable and relevant article for the searcher and ranks on the first page of SERP after the AD results.
  • The proper digital marketing works to increase your business from 30%-300% growth. The process cannot be built in a single day, it is a daily process to attract your customers towards you.
  • It will boost your business to a large number of users without any investments in advertisements.
  • Doesn’t requires huge manpower for a big office set up. Just a laptop with a proper internet connection will do your work smoothly
  • The digital way of promotions, even paid ads are comparatively less than other mediums of advertisement.
  • Whenever the customer reaches you through organic search, their retention very high.
  • YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn one of the biggest platforms people use as a tool for business promotion.
  • One can be an influencer if has a great knowledge of affiliate marketing. So, every part of the DM will benefit in any way.
  • In a single post, you can reach your advertisement and company website to 1000- 1 lakhs of customers.
  • The most demanded skill can be useful to boost everyone’s business. But we have to update and keep on working to bring more traffic.
  • Google my business is the most used and known digital marketing tool for many people.
  • There are more ways to increase our customer’s flow. One among them which people use are YouTube and blogs.
  • The most relevant posts or contents will reach your audience. But, this won’t happen in a single day.
  • Understand the benefits of the search engine and apply it to your business. So, you will be apart from your competition.
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