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Keyword research has a high impact on SEO. It becomes the bridge between searchers, search engines, and publishers. They are the key phrases which a searcher type over the search engine.

The relevant keywords get more visibility over the eye of search engines and serve to the searcher. Before which just have a basic idea about search engine optimization (SEO). Over there, you would have understood the types and ways of finding keywords.

Many digital marketers or agencies fail to have much impactful research on key phrases of their audience. This is the gap between business planning and targeting audience. The process is more time consuming and yet effective. Marketers don’t have that patient in mind mapping to choose the key phrases.

Let us understand its importance, how to choose in making an effective SEO.




95% of business occurs by organic traffic, only 5% of business is done by paid advertisement by search engines. Organic traffics hit your website only because of the SEO. The backbone of SEO is keywords. So, now you would have understood the importance of key phrases.

Unfortunately, 90.62% of the website doesn’t get any organic traffic. The only reason behind this is, they don’t spend time on keyword research. Even in our previous topic about 5 tools of SEO, we have mentioned many sites owners don’t have

    • Title without focus keywords
    • Meta description without focus keywords
    • Proper URL (URL should have only 75 characters maximum)
    • Improper Image Alt Tag, etc.

This shows, how the website holders invest time in bringing productivity for their site. So, search engines too don’t value these sites as relevant for searchers.

Let us learn the techniques on how to pick the proper keyphrases. So, your SEO will be proper and will boost search engine rankings






As we mentioned, Keyword research is Art. Before moving into the research process,

    • You should understand your target audience
        • Location
        • Age group
        • Gender, etc.
    • Wearing audience shoe and understand
        • What they will be looking for?
        • Their potential needs.
        • What will be the key phrases they use in the search engines?
    • A total volume of people searching your niche.
    • Do they search the key phrase along with another niche? Eg. Mobile phone with Blue tooth headset. Both are different niche, but some time people mix up.

These are a few ways of discovering. But, more mastermind needed to work behind before choosing keywords for your client’s business.

On average, you should invest almost 2-3 days completely in choosing keywords for the desired niche.




  • Once you have discovered the keywords, it is your duty to analyze on taking the keyphrases to place on the
        • Title
        • URL
        • Meta description
        • Headings of the Content
        • Image Alt Tag
  • This key phrase is the focused key phrase of the content.
  • The analytical metric will be containing,
      • Search Volume per month – You should check both Desktop and Mobile Volume
      • Find out how many users click the URL, out of the total search volume
      • Checking the SD (Search Difficulties), PD (Paid Difficulties), and CPC (Cost per Click)
  • After collecting these data, you should match the keywords with high volume, low SD, and high CPC.
  • This combination is very difficult to find in every niche. So, to boost traffic to your website you should follow the following technique.



  • It is always better to compare the keywords used by competitors. The real competitors are one who ranks on the first page of SERP. Understanding and implementing the same keyphrases with quality and relevancy in the content will eventually boost your page on top of SERP.
  • Nowadays, most of us use to search a store in the google search engine by typing “Near me”. So, here location-tagged keywords play an important role. Also, When you search”Best hotel in Mumbai”, many hotels appear on the first page of the search engine result page.
  • Seasonal Keywords are used to sell products that are much sold in a particular season. Eg, Ice Creams are sold huge in the Summer season. So, you have to check whether your niche has high potential in a particular season. If so, your keyphrase should contain the season or time frame.




Long tail Keyword - 7 Eagles


The primary focus of a website is to reach its audience as soon as possible. When a website is new to the world, the easy way to rank itself on the first page of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

The best way is to focus on long-tail keywords.

What are the long-tail keywords?

In simple terms, the collection of one or more keywords in a single phrase with low search volume and low search difficulties. Almost 70% of the keywords are long-tail. Since it has a low volume of search, most people avoid using long tails,

When you discover and analyze the multiple keywords, you should pick up a few high search volume, low SD keywords, and form a long-tail keyword.

These long-tail keys with SD less than 30 as per ubersuggest or low difficulty by Google Adwords (These are free tools).




    • This article would have made you all understand the importance and techniques to identify the keywords to rank in search engines.
    • Use these techniques in your daily process of SEO and develop your organic traffic.
    • If you don’t get much organic traffic for 3 months is not a matter, if it still continues ahead of 3 months. You should introspect on the key phrases of your site and rectify the errors.
    • Uncertainly, if you fall short in finding out the focus keyphrases of your niche. Kindly consult with any Digital Marketing agency like 7 Eagles.






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