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Local SEO Services

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Best Local SEO Services for Organic Map Peak Ranking

Is your business target local audiences? Does your business rely on the store or office visits? Is your business is located in multiple locations or franchise businesses? If so, you should look for affordable local SEO services for sure.

On average, 93% of global online users search location-based, and the business is at the local site. More than 80% of local searches are derived from mobile devices. Maximum of the search result in direction request, call and store visit within 24 hours.

We are here to help your business take the fullest advantage of the search engine users, who search for the keyword that has similar intent for your business. Search engines are the best place to invade more organic traffic to your awareness stage (Top of the Funnel) of your sales funnel.

Mostly businesses like Salons, Beauty Parlor, Hospital, Medical Shop, Restaurant, Hotels, fitness centers, Institutions, and service companies are searched by phrases ending with either “near me“, or “location

Come, let’s have a Cup of Digital Tea

What is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is optimizing the website and Google my business to get organic visibility on search engine result pages and google Maps. Local SEO services have strategies similar to comprehensive SEO services like On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Off-Page SEO. In addition, it focuses on the local audience.

The major part of the service is around website optimization, Google my business optimization, local citation, and backlinks. 

Local SEO helps your business target audience are in local or location-based, franchise business, or multi-location businesses. Google My Business (currently Google Business Profile) with comprehensive SEO works helps your website land the 1st page of SERP (Google Map and Organic results). This remains the goal of Local SEO services companies.

Here are a few Local SEO ranking factors that we usually give 100% focus on and always adhere to the Google search algorithm and ranking system.

Local Business Optimization

How Does Our Local SEO Services Works?

Website Audit

Optimizing Google My Business

Keyword Research

On Page Optimization

Local Citation

Link Building

Reputation Management

On Page SEO Audit

Local SEO Auditing

This Local audit work starts with diagnosing the Google My Business, Content of the Webpages, and HTML Tags like Title, Meta Description, Headers, and URL. Also, we will be analyzing the Content quality factors, Keyword potential, mapping, robot tag, image alt, etc. Besides this, we will be auditing the backlink authority, local citations, Google My Business Profile, and Bing Pages. After auditing, we will fix all the errors in the website and Google My Business, then move to the optimizing stage. Yes, arresting all holes is most important than building an empire.

Google My Business - Google Business Profile

Optimizing Google My Business (Google Business Profile)

Google My Business and Bing Places are the ducks that lay golden eggs regarding local SEO. Even if your business doesn’t have a website, it can still drive organic traffic through Google My Business. Unfortunately, most companies we have audited don’t have a proper GMB listing. There are only a few areas to optimize in GMB, and it doesn’t require the same effort as optimizing the website. So, our expert team will take care of optimizing with the right set of key messages and relevant information, managing reviews, and keep your audience updated with regular updates. Our team is specialized in recovering the suspended Google my business listings.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword Research:

Be it Local SEO, International SEO, or Social Media Optimization; the keywords are the base and fuel for Organic Marketing. Keyword research is a unique technique that helps understand what the target audience looks for and is the best way to reach them. We work on location-based keywords, e.g., Best Restaurant in Bay Area. Another keyword many websites avoid, yet searched by many audiences, is near me, e.g., medical shop near me. Apart from just local SEO keywords, you can contact us for holistic Keyword research services for the business.

On Page Optimization

On Page & Technical Optimization:

When you have a website that targets multiple locations or franchise businesses, optimize On-Page elements like title tag, meta description, headers, sub-headers, URL, keyword density, image alt text, robots tag, multimedia, and content. We will optimize the content that compels all the answers and information relevant to users’ queries. Next, we will optimize the technical stuff of the website like crawling accessibility, fixing coverage issues, optimizing website loading speed, and core web vitals—finally, fixing redirect and broken links.

Local Citation - Local Directory

Local Citation:

People who know the basics of off-page SEO or link building can relate to directory submissions. A local citation is similar, but it is worth investing in, as the local citation sites are more authoritative for Google. A listing on these websites is not an easy process. They undergo multiple verification processes of your business name, website URL, phone number, and local address to list them. Another important reason to build more local citations is to rank you only based on genuine reviews. You get more inbound leads if the website is ranked at the top of the page. E.g., Clutch, Yelp, etc.

Link Building Services

Link Building

Like a regular SEO practice, Local SEO services also invest to earn quality links from external websites. Quality backlinks are the sign of building authority in the sight of search engines over your competitor. Regarding link building, we have our off-page SEO experts. They analyze website quality, organic traffic in a specific niche, location-based ranking keywords, number of referring domains vs. linked domains, etc. We use the data analysis method to determine niche and location-based organic traffic. Besides this, you can also avail our comprehensive link-building services.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

In business, reputation matters a lot. We care for it and make reviews a top priority in our local SEO strategy. We work on professional reputation management tools to manage the reviews and replies and take action on bad or suspicious reviews. Also, we help your business get more positive reviews on multiple local citation platforms. More review provides more value to your business in front of your customers.

Is Your Business Lack in Driving Local Leads and Sales Organcially

Affordable Local SEO Services that fuels your Wallet with Local Leads:

As the internet and digital marketplace grow rapidly, investing in a revenue-based SEO company. 7 Eagles are the one-stop solution for comprehensive local SEO services. As you see in the above section, we deal with end-to-end local SEO solutions.

Do you know that 70% of business across the globe has only a local target audience? Here is the increase in demand for local organic promotion increases.

The biggest myth that we get in today’s marketing space is, that organic results take time. Yes, but, it always takes time from the time of initiation. How long you will be relying on paid ads or cold callings? You need free long-term leads and sales with few initial investments.

Small and Medium size businesses will lack funds to spend on paid advertisement. If your business falls under the above situation, then you can choose us to promote your business without spending anything through paid advertisement (Traditional and Digital)

Affordable Local SEO Services for Inbound local leads

Is your business is located in multiple places? Is your business franchise model. If so, Local SEO services are the best way to optimize your business for organic visibility in the search engine (Map Peak and organic result page). Get our Local SEO services that could solve the current marketing challenges and provide you the following benefits

Benefits of Our Local SEO Optimization Services


Local SEO Audit Services

Our Local SEO services start with an audit where we analyze 30+ checklists and provide you the file containing errors, development areas, and opportunities with steps to solve them. We also audit the content of the web pages to understand does it follows Google quality guidelines.

search engine optimization

Keywords Research and Strategy

When it comes to keyword research, we bring the hot low-competitive keywords to your table. We always strive to research th keywords with the specific location your business is, and attract the local audience through our keyword research, and content strategy.


Google My Business Management

To optimize the website for local search, Google My Business (Google Business Profile) is mandated. We help in creating, optimizing, and managing them. If your business has multiple locations or franchises around the town, we help in the listing, and promoting them with content

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Local Link Building

Backlinks are the backbone of local SEO ranking. There are many businesses available targeting the local audience. Yet, only 3 get a place in Snack Peak or Map Peak. Link building strategy can increase the authority and trustworthiness of your website.

seo 1

On-Page and Technical Optimization

Even though you target a local audience, On-Page and technical SEO are most important. There are multiple businesses targeting the same audience in cities like San Fransisco, New York. But, you get organic traffic only when you reach in 1st page of SERP


Local Citation and Reputation Management

These two places a huge role in converting leads into sales in high percentages. People always get attached to reviews and reputation. So, we help list your business in multiple directories with high organic traffic and help in managing reviews

Choose us for your Local Business SEO Services

Local SEO doesn’t charge you for ad spend, but you will be investing over a marketing agency like us for service. So, choose a well-reputed local SEO service company with comprehensive SEO services, an individual plan, and a strategy to promote business to a local audience.

We are one of the reputed SEO Servicing companies featured in the world’s leading B2B citation websites like clutch, goodfirms, and themanifest as a leading SEO company to watch in 2022.

We have worked with 200+ projects to promote local business across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. 7 Eagles has been in the SEO and digital marketing space for more than 5 years and is completely focused on becoming the no.1 SEO company globally.

You will get all the possible strategies that would help grow your business. Our simple mantra is, “if not organic lead, then why content.” Yes, we try to research as much as possible and solve the real problem with the information or the right business in people’s lives.

More than this, you will be provided with monthly reporting, monthly consultation, and an account manager for 24/7 contact. Our team is well-equipped with all techniques and updated with search engine algorithms.

Apart from Local SEO, we also serve full-stack SEO, and customized SEO packages like,

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