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Sometimes, the On-Page errors on the website might impact your organic visibility. There are multiple components in your website that are discovered and crawled by search engines to understand the core concept of your web pages. On Page SEO services is all about optimizing these internal components of websites like HTML Codes, Javascripts, Content, Multimedia, URL, Internal linking, and many more.

The above components are the basics of On-Page SEO. These have to be periodically improved and managed. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best online marketing strategies that organically invade more leads, inquiries, conversions, and sales.

The Integral part of SEO services is On-Page, Technical, and Off-Page SEO. It’s best to start with On-Page Optimization, followed by technical SEO services and off-page SEO services.

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Our Important Components of On Page SEO Services

The basics of our On-Page SEO Services start with a basic SEO Audit using professional SEO Audit Tools. Post that, we look into the keywords used in the web pages and understand their intent and search volume. Next Step, we know or create the site architecture by mind mapping.

Following this, we deal with content strategy and errors associated with the content. Then, we start optimizing the On-Page essentials like HTML Tags (Codes in the website), Multimedia, URL, etc. Finally, the Internal and External linking strategy.

On Page Site Audit

Keyword Analysis & Research

Site Architecture

Content Optimization

On Page Optimization

Internal Linking

Featured Snippets

On Page SEO Audit

On Page SEO Audit

The Site audit work starts with keyword potential and intent across the target country. Then analyze the plagiarism (duplicate content), keyword cannibalization, low-count content, cloaking, keyword stuffing, auto-generated content, etc. Following this will examine whether the focus keyword is found in all the HTML tags (Title, Meta description, Headers, Image Alt, ), URL, and spammy websites linked. We use professional SEO audit tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Screaming frog to diagnose and fix errors, adhering to search engine algorithms.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword Analysis and Research:

When we take a new project, we found almost 90-95% of the keywords focused don’t have any search volume as per google keyword planner or Ahrefs, or SEmrush. That means working on keywords that don’t bring any organic traffic. It would help if you understood keyword research is an art in SEO as everything in SEO starts with it. We focus on finding the right intent of keywords, low competition, and high search volume as a top priority in keyword research and start optimizing the content and codes.

Website Architecture

Site Architecture:

In today’s SEO practice, things become complicated without proper website architecture or planning. The On Page SEO service we offer comprises mandatory website planning with the help of mind mapping. Site Architecture has helped us build better internal link buildings on many occasions. Thus crawling, indexing and page rank equity processes were done with ease.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization

There are few qualities search engines look for in content. Understanding the intent behind the focus keyword and the buyer persona of the target audience is one of the top-notch google algorithms that teach “Relevancy of Webpages.” Our Content optimization strategy starts with a well-drafted structure of content, 10x content, unique, resolving end user’s query and definition, with ample question and answers, aligning to search engines ranking factors.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization

On Page essentials are HTML tags, MultiMedia, and URL. Search Engines like Google can only understand the codes, rather than the text in your content. So, the first thing Google understands is the relevance of the webpage by the keyphrases used in these Title Tag, Meta description, Header tag, image alt, anchor text, and URL. So, optimizing with the focused keyword can help search engines index and rank better.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking

One of the important practices of On page SEO services is Internal linking. This linking is basically linking a webpage of the same website. Internal linking is a vital part of crawling and indexing a web page. Internal links create better navigation between web pages for both users and search engines. 

As one of the leading On Page SEO Service providers

We focus to increase the crawling, and ranking of your Web Pages to increase your business revenue organically by,

Does Your Website Has On Page SEO Errors?

Services Offered Under On Page SEO by 7 Eagles


SEO Audit Services

Get the Market’s best SEO audit where analyze 120+ checklists, and provide you the file that contains, errors, areas of development, and opportunities. Our audit doesn’t showcase on error part, yet we provide the best solution to rectify them.

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Keyword Research Services

Our service focuses on researching the intent-based keywords, where the conversion or call to action becomes higher. We always try to understand the business, and buyer persona to bring out the keywords with high search volume, and low competition.


Local SEO Services

Many businesses focus on the local audiences. So, our strategy will be on focusing on location-based, or locality-based audience targeting. As Google Business Profile has been installed across all demographics, the need of Local SEO has peaked up. 

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SEO Content Writing Services

Writing content is good for marketing. Yet, writing SEO-optimized content is always great, as it is well understood by search engines, and promotes your website to the relevant audience. Do reach out to us for content writing services

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On-Page Optimization 

Need to outstand your competition with your quality content, then you will require our on-page optimization works. Starting from optimizing the web page with relevant keywords in the Title tag till internal linking, we only follow the google algorithm.


Competitor Analysis Services

One of the superficial works our On Page SEO service package comprises is competitor analysis. When your know the strength, and weakness of your competitor, you can improve, and work on the opportunities. Contact us for the complete checklist.

Why to choose 7 Eagles for On Page SEO Services

We are one of the fastest-growing digital marketing Companies in Chennai, India. Yet we look forward to being established as a top SEO Company based in India, serving globally. As a token of stepping forward on our vision, we have a couple of clients from the United States, Canada (Toronto), the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). 

We are into the SEO market for more than 5 years and work in different parameters of SEO services that help your website increase. We deal with a 360-degree approach, yet separate team to deal with On Page SEO services, Technical SEO services, Off-Page SEO services, etc.

Our complete SEO team holds an experience of 100+ years, and we are in the market from the time the Google Panda algorithm update started to the recent Core update rolled out. Even though, our headquarters is in Chennai, India, 70% of our business and new clients pitch from overseas. The majority are from Canada and United States.

Before focusing on any process of SEO services or any specific SEO category like On Page SEO services, we fix the branding, the strategy, and the other key factors that help reach your audience organically.

Our team is well-versed with the Google search engine works, its ranking factors, and Google Algorithm, and is continuously updated by our research team.

7 Eagles, is one of the SEO companies that have a separate research team, that helps the initial process and development of organic marketing with ease. Besides this, we assign a specific SEO manager (accounts manager) for every client/project. This has been a great lifeline in client retention and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Optimizing the internal website components like content, HTML codes (Title Tag, Meta Description, Header, Image Alt), Multi medium, and internal linking is known as On-Page SEO. Still, our way of On Page service deals with branding, competitor analysis, website SEO audit, keyword research, content writing, etc. On Page SEO is the most crucial part of SEO, as you have complete access to why your website performance spikes up or plunges down. This helps any website to reach search engine result page organically.

The SEO practices that deals only within your website like site audit, competitor analysis, keyword research, optimizing content, HTML codes, copywriting, multimedia, internal linking, are basically termed as On Page SEO services. It is important to focus specifically in On page SEO, as we have diagnosed over 1000 websites to find the initial error that impacts ranking is by improper On Page optimization. This made us to wakeup creating a seperate focus on On Page SEO as service to our clients, and business that are impacted in search engine ranking due to On Page, and Content quality issues.

Our On page SEO service is not to optimize title tags and meta descriptions. We start optimizing from branding, website audit, fixing the On-Page Errors, Intent-based Keyword research, Content optimization, On-Page Component optimization, Internal Linking Strategy, Optimizing webpage for a featured snippet, and many more. 

On Page SEO services can’t be a one-time investment, as SEO is a long optimizing process. It would help if you understood in Marketing, there is no proven, cutting-edge theory. Many failures, many A/B testing, make every process or achievement. And, On Page SEO services is also a part of a marketing campaign, so it needs many A/B testing and executions. Our On Page SEO services package starts from $400 for 15 web pages, and it goes up to $2000 per month depending on the number of web pages we optimize. Our On page SEO service is not to optimize title tags and meta descriptions. We start optimizing from branding, website audit, fixing the On-Page Errors, Intent-based Keyword research, Content optimization, On-Page Component optimization, Internal Linking Strategy, Optimizing webpage for a featured snippet, and many more

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