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7 Eagles – PPC Agency to optimize the Best PPC Services

One of the biggest strengths of our Digital Marketing Agency is PPC Services. Yes, PPC (Pay Per Click), also known as Search Engine Marketing help to achieve the target audience through Google Search Engine by promoting our website.

As one of the best PPC Agency in Chennai, India, we always try to optimize each campaign to produce the lowest CPC and to achieve high ROI. Our PPC experts have made many Startups launch their marketing campaigns at a low cost.

We have worked with many start-up companies over the globe to achieve its goal of greater Reach and Lead Generation. Every business struggle with achieving Leads for their business organically (No Promotion).

So, PPC (Google Ads) is the only way of getting the desired traffic to the website for the focused Keywords. PPC results get about an average of 7-10% of traffic for any keyword we work for.

Initially, every company has only a few budgets for marketing. Using these budgets, we will plan strategies to get more 1st level customers to grow the business.

On average, PPC results get 2x times revenue when compared to the investment. 7 Eagles have always shown a standout performance of 8x times returns when it comes to PPC campaigns.

Struggling for Leads, Let’s Ping each other

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Why 7 Eagles as PPC Agency in India for PPC Services

With more than 5+ year’s experience in the digital marketing industry. We have helped more than 100 client’s all over the world. Our expert team has exploited in many industries like healthcare, e-commerce, Coaching Industry, Real Estate, Finance, Marketing Agencies, etc.

Every PPC campaigns require a lot of strategies and a data-driven approach to estimate a result. Yes, only after 2 to 3 campaigns, we can understand the behavior and response of any keyword we have targeted.

As a Digital Marketing Company, we also provide equal favoritism towards SEO Services and PPC Services. In terms of SEO, it takes a minimum of 6 months for any keyword to rank (Keyword Difficulty of Easy to Medium).

“No business can wait for 6 months to get the first customer”. This becomes the important reason why every business looks for PPC Services. We choose the keywords which take more than 1 year to rank by SEO.

These keywords often have search volumes ranging between 10,000 to 100,000 per month. So, 1-3% conversion will provide 100 to 1000 conversions or lead to your business.

Investing in PPC Ad campaigns consistently for 6 months, that too with experience agencies can always yield you 6-8x times more results than the investment.

Our Strategies are so simple

Key Strength of our PPC Services

  • We make the process very simple, and keep the complete campaign transparent.
  • Right from Choosing the keyword and the expected Cost per every conversion.
  • Our team are experts in managing all campaigns like Website Traffic, Conversion (Purchase of products), Video Promotion, Reach (Brand Awareness), Lead generation, App promotion, Local Store Visit, etc.
  • Our motive of multiple campaigns is to focus on narrowing of the right audience. Narrowing of audience will have high conversion.
  • We implement Tracking Code for any campaigns. This helps to create retargeting campaigns.
  • Multiple retargeting can make CPC (Cost Per Click) consistently come down sharply.
  • We always achieve a 100% optimization score as per Google Ads requirements.
  • Our Website development team will create an engaging and highly converting landing page.
  • We always try to achieve maximum results in at a minimal cost.
  • Our overall cost on campaigns is always affordable and we work on flexible plans.