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SEO Audit Services

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Best SEO Audit Services that helps in fixing Organic Traffic

The basic of SEO techniques is how fast you fix the issues or errors. Prior to fixing, you should diagnose them, here is what our SEO Audit Services is one the best in the industry.

Website audit is the process of understanding the overall behaviour and performance of a website in adherence to the Google ranking system, algorithm and webmaster guidelines.

We believe Auditing the gateway for best SEO practise, we strive to analyse 120+ elements of SEO. From our practise, we would suggest SEO audit should be implemented at least once in the quarter.

We never download the copy of what each SEO Audit tools provides, yet we use those tools for better understanding.

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How does our SEO Audit Services Work?

It is better to fix a flight’s engine problem before it takes off. The resources and time required will be less compared to the later stage.

In the same way, whenever you face a challenge of indexing or ranking despite more content, backlinks, and more into the website (or unsure of the quality of work). You should consult with an SEO servicing company for an SEO Audit.

Our SEO Audit process starts with diagnosing the Technical SEO Audit (Crawl Accessibility, User experience, hosting, codes), On-Page SEO Audit, Content Audit, Keywords Audit, Spam Link Audits, Duplicate Content, Broken Links, Duplicate Copy writings, HTTP Status Codes, etc.

We look at 120+ key parameters of Technical, On-Page, and Off-Page SEO to understand why the webpages are not ranking on the 1st page of google or the 1st position of Google.

Our audit will cover the following parameters, that are the pillar-stones of SEO ranking, and each of these parameter holds sub-categories, and in total, 120+ parameters. The basic checklists are below

Need to Reach 1st Position in Google? Book our SEO Site Audit Services

Facing a drop in ranking or finding it difficult to reach the first page of search engines? Still, you can’t see where the drop holes are? It’s time to take our website SEO audit services. 7 Eagles, one of the leading SEO companies globally, help you with comprehensive auditing and the action plan.

Besides preparing a 30+ page report, we also connect with you for 2 to 3 hrs over the video call and share the vital errors and strategies to occupy your dream position in search engines.

Our SEO audit process includes:

  • List down all the On-Page, Off-Page, Technical, and Local SEO loopholes that require immediate action.
  • Every issue in our audit report will be provided with the steps to solve them.
  • This audit report will not be the same as when you do a site audit in professional SEO software like SEMrush or Ahrefs. We use SEO Auditing tools to understand various dimensions and fasten the process as we would analyze 100+ URLs on a website.
  • Create a report on the opportunities you miss compared to competitors ranked on the 1st page of SERP.
  • Our specialized team will audit deeper on the quality of the content of every page and backlinks.
  • We also provide suggestions on improving the content and optimizing with On-Page components. 

We understand your pain of not being ranked over the search engine, even after ruthless efforts behind. Still, we want to remind you that the results would be far away if the focus were not on SEO elements.

No need to worry further. We take care of your rankings and built the website that synchronizes with the E-A-T algorithm (Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthy).

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Invest in 7 Eagles for SEO Audit Services

We focus on speeding up the process by figuring out all the possible errors or issues or areas of improvement of websites regardless of any conditions. Investing in SEO audit services is the same as screening a full body check-up.

The impact can be low when the issues are plugged off in the initial stages. From our experience, an SEO audit must be done at least once every quarter.

You might think that the website is very slow or the content is too low, which is why the website is not ranking. Yet, there might be a few other reasons too. Core Web Vitals or website loading speed are not the only ranking factors. Many others can impact more than the loading speed issue.

There are many other factors that any tools can’t find, like duplicate content, cloaking content, etc. So, a manual SEO site audit is required to identify all the errors/bugs in the website. Many technical aspects could contribute like .htaccess, robots.txt, crawl budget, multiple redirects, etc. can be a reason for not being ranked.

Every business must understand that website auditing is the primary and foremost step in SEO practice. You should never skip the service of a website audit. Yes, we know the money behind them. Yet, it requires much human effort and sweating to bring all the issues to the table.

So, investing in SEO site audit services is one the wise investments for your business.

Why to choose 7 Eagles for SEO Audit Services

We are one of the leading SEO servicing Companies. As a token of stepping forward on our vision, we have served a couple of clients from the United States, Canada (Toronto), the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). 

We are into the SEO market for more than 5 years and work in different parameters of SEO services that help your website increase organic traffic and visibility. We deal with a 360-degree approach, yet separate team to deal with On-Page SEO servicesTechnical SEO services, Off-Page SEO services, etc.

For SEO audit process, we use some of the professional SEO Audit tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, 

We have a separate team for research and analysis of competitors, periodically auditing our client’s website in multiple dimensions. The SEO specialist team will review every audit by the SEO manager to prepare the report.

After the report is ready, our SEO manager (your account manager) will contact you for a detailed presentation. On average, we take 30-45 days for a website with 100+ pages. A website with less than 50 web pages will take around 20 days.

Usually, in our SEO service package, we charge 3 times the monthly retainer amount as initial payment. The reason behind that is Site Audit and will do fixing in the first two months of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Process of  optimizing the codes and elements that are resposible for crawling, rendering, indexing, great user experience is known as Technical SEO. Apart from this, it also cover the vital aspects of website like HTTP Response Status Codes, Core Web Vitals, Coverage issues, Website architecture (Sitemap & Internal Link), Mobile friendliness, domain security, Structured Data, broken links, redirects, Hosting,etc.

Technical SEO can be divided into two depending on its function. Search Engine Experience (Crawl Accessibility), and User Experience (Page Experience).

Technical SEO Services are comprises of Technical SEO Audit, fixing coverage issues, recovering indexation, optimizing website loading speed to pass core web vitals, Optimizing HTML, CSS, js, and images. Also, our services are extended in fixing broken links, multiple redirects, optimizing robots.txt, and sitemap, structured data, mobile usability, etc.

Our technical SEO services has benefit 100+ business across world, as we have specific account managers who are well-versed in technical SEO, and Google Algorithms.

Technical services can’t be a one-time investment, as issues and solutions should be employed then and there. Our Technical SEO services package starts from $400 and it goes up to $2000 per month depending on the issue to recover. There are a few process, where we resolve them by one-time investment like Hosting migration, loading speed optimization, Fixing coverage issues, and Fixing broke links.

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