The Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing

Here is the complete guide on YouTube Marketing for any expertise level. Before going deep into the definition, and strategies, let us try to put in our mind to understand the basics and statistics of YouTube. It is one of the world’s leading video content platforms with more than 2 Billion active users logging in every day. Same as Search Engines, content is what YouTube looks at. Engaging, Relevant, and more informative content increases the dwelling time of any user. We advise our students to understand the need and intent of their audience and guess what they need. Gather points or pictures according to it and then draft a perfect video plan. YouTube is a free social media marketing platform for any content creator, that is managed by various algorithms that promote the videos which have content that meets the user’s intent. Here are a few statistics on YouTube, 55% of users are browsing YouTube Videos every day. In which, 33% of them use several times a day More than 80% of USA parents advise their Kid to gain knowledge through YouTube 59% of marketers believe YouTube is one of the beneficial Content Marketing platforms. Every user spends on average 42 mins every day on YouTube. 41% of watch hours are contributed via Mobile, and 35% is contributed by TV A user watches 9 videos on average every day. 60% of consumers make decisions with the help of Feedback, Reviews done by YouTube Channels. It is currently available in 76 languages. This YouTube Marketing guide, which is a part of Digital Marketing Strategies, has all the required tips and resources for improving the search positions for YouTube content, both on YouTube and on Google Search Engine. Stay tuned till the end of the article and get every tip and bonus that we gained by our own experience.

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