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On Page SEO Checklist that you should know in 2022

Publishing Relevant Content

Topical authority refers to clustering topics around one seed keyword on a website.  Google supports websites that publish continuous content throughout the year about a particular topic.

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Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Post the Hummingbird, RankBrain, and BERT update, the Google search engine looks for content matching user intent and no more keywords.  This means Google could find the same keywords on multiple places on different pages, which could be annoying to users.

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Use a Descriptive URL with Keyword

On second priority, search engine crawlers check URLs to understand a web page's relevance.  URLs serve as the address for any web page on the internet.

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Header (H1) Tag with Primary Keyword

Header Tag replaces meta title tag in more than 61% of the web page results. Same time, Header (H1) tags have increased their weightage in Google ranking factors from the recent core updates.  Due to this, optimizing the H1 tag with relevant keywords is mandated.

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Optimize Meta Description with Primary and secondary Keywords

Optimizing the meta description with focus and semantic keywords relevant to the web page’s content makes meta description feature in SERP.  Still, meta descriptions with keywords are a ranking factor.