What is a Digital Acquisition Strategy?

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The rise of new digital tech and ways of consumer behavior has made getting digital customers a key part of modern marketing and development strategies. Thus, many digital marketing strategies allow targeting large audiences. They also allow communicating with them and guiding them through the entire buyer journey to make a purchase.

What is a Digital Acquisition Strategy?

A digital acquisition strategy is a long-term plan where and how by which a business is about to acquire more clients through the use of the internet. The idea behind is thus to acquire relevant and cost-effective customers to whom the firm’s products can be marketed for a long term.

Types of Digital Acquisition

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increasing site’s and its content’s position in the SERPs for specific keywords. This in turn assist in the attraction of organic traffic from people who are searching for specific products or services on the internet.

2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

The goal is to show pay-per-click ads for the website. They will be on search engines and other sites. The aim is to redirect traffic and get conversions. As such it’s a cost-effective strategy that enables one to target specific groups and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns.

3. Content Marketing

It is the process of developing and sharing useful, fitting, and steady content. It goes to a specific target market. The aim is to encourage business by getting a desired customer behavior.

4. Email Marketing

I created a database and list of customers. I sent emails to attract new business and keep existing customers. I also sold goods and/or services.

5. Social Media Marketing

Mainly the use of social networks to create brand awareness and targeted traffic of potential clients and customers, using paid and unpaid methods.

6. Influencer Marketing

They will effectively endorse the brand’s products or services to their followers. They have the trust of the target market.

7. Referral Marketing

Encouraging current customers bring in new customers through the method of word of mouth and recommendations.

8. Retargeting/Remarketing

To remind users who have once visited a brand’s website and/or his/her content, to take a specific action on the website – for instance, buying.

Top 8 Digital Acquisition Strategies

Top 8 Digital Acquisition Strategies

1. Acquisition through Influencer Marketing:

Taking advantage of other accounts with large following/followers and relevant to your type of business to promote your post and build reputation and enhanced authority.

2. Content Marketing for Customer Acquisition:

Providing useful, targeted, and timely content to the target audience for the purpose of driving consumption and/or action.

3. Email Targeting Strategy:

Creating and maintaining a strong and healthy email list of potential customers and the use of several email marketing approaches in reaching out to prospects and customers for more business.

4. Social Media Strategy:

Using social network profiles for brand recognition and identity, the interaction and communication with the clients as well as the CPI and CPC to increase organic and paid traffic and eventually, the conversions.

5. Community Strategy:

Developing a highly involved audience and using it to gain customers and clients for your business and its products and services.

6. Industry-Related Keywords:

Enhancing your website and contents in a way that it fits your industrial niche keywords to perform on the search engines.

7. Co-Branding and Collaboration:

You will work with other brands or industry leaders. This will extend the page’s exposure to the other brand’s audience.

8. Compile and Analyze Data:

Keep monitoring the performance indicators for digital acquisition. Use the data to refine your tactics and boost efficiency.

Measuring Success With Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is essential. It measures the effectiveness of the digital acquisition strategy. CAC comprises all the marketing, selling expenses of a product.

Thus, controlling and adjusting your CAC allows you to maintain the efficiency of digital acquisition as a marketing channel and avoid overspending. A low CAC relative to the customer’s lifetime value (CLV) is a strong indicator of a successful digital acquisition strategy.

Optimizing Close Rates with Multiple Personalized Touchpoints

To improve your digital acquisition strategy, create a seamless, personal customer experience. It should span many touchpoints. This may involve:

  • Personalizing website content and offers based on user behavior and preferences
  • Implementing targeted email campaigns to nurture leads and guide them through the buyer’s journey
  • Understand the key difference between remarketing and retargeting & effectively integrate them in the digital acquisition strategy to re-engage users. They have interacted with your brand before.
  • Providing exceptional customer service and support to build trust and encourage repeat business


Marketers have many strategies to reach their targets. They use these to convert prospects into buyers. Constantly tracking and adjusting allows for total optimization of the pursued digital acquisition strategies. It also provides a high ROI.

A well-rounded digital acquisition strategy is vital for business growth. So, partnering with a Digital Marketing Service can be instrumental in optimizing this strategy to drive success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of a digital acquisition strategy?

– Reach a wider, more targeted audience at scale

– Cost-effective customer acquisition compared to traditional marketing

– Ability to track and measure campaign performance

– Opportunity to create a personalized, omnichannel customer experience

– Potential for higher customer lifetime value and loyalty

What are some common challenges in digital acquisition?

– Intense competition and constantly evolving digital landscape

– Ensuring data privacy and security compliance

– Coordinating and integrating multiple digital marketing channels

What are the three main elements of a digital acquisition strategy?
  1. Audience Identification and Targeting
  2. Channel Selection and Optimization
  3. Measurement and Optimization
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