What is Digital Marketing – Basics

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What is Digital Marketing – Basics

Digital marketing is now seen in every business. Nearby shops address featuring in google search and navigation by google map. These are some features of digital marketing. Let us all together learn the basics of digital marketing.

In this era, every business will be successful with a digital platform. We might have noticed a franchise hotel or mobile retail shop in our city would have launch websites, applications, free delivery facilities, COD, etc. This is completely to make their presence in this digital world.

When a brand is promoted in the digital platform. The reach is higher and the cost of promotion is lesser.

We can learn on what all to be considered before promoting digitally.

Finding the Niche

  • Niche is the most important for a business and remains the backbone.
  • We have to find a potential Niche and it will have great market potential.
  • The niche helps in finding out our customers. It is better to stick with a single niche.
  • Niche will increase the visibility and reduce the competition.
  • The profitable traffic is been filtered to our website with a better niche and content marketing around the niche.
  • The domain should be bought in co-ordinance with the Niche.

Please check the link to learn, How to select a profitable niche.

Digital Marketing – Keyword

  • The keyword is basically the phrase used by the searching end user to find out the desired result.
  • Once we find out our Niche, then we need to research the desired
  • The domain name should have a focused keyword for the company. This makes our website rank in search engines.
  • The keyword should be a potential one, with the maximum volume of searchers in a month. Also, should have minimum search difficulties (SD)
  • This kind of keywords will rank your business or website in SERP in a few months.
  • Keyword research is an art of digital marketing. We have to do all set of mastermind work to bring a keyword.
  • The keyword should be featuring in URL, Title, and Meta Description. This will make your site rank over the traffic.

Search Engine

  • In digital marketing, the platform used is a search engine. The search engine is those which provide the result for the search users.
  • The most used search engines are Google, yahoo, bing. We have to understand that amazon, Facebook is also a search engine, but they are customized for particular search results.
  • Search engines are responsible to identify the relevant page for the searcher with the help of ‘BOT” or internet spider.
  • These bots (Robots) are responsible to crawl and identify the most relevant search result with reference to searcher’s key phrase (Keywords).
  • Understanding the concept of a search engine will be an added advantage for digital markers.
Competitor Analysis
  • The most important lesson in the basics of digital marketing is understanding competitor analysis.
  • We have to optimize complete learnings on competitor’s positive and the opportunities for our business.
  • Have to do brainstorming workshops on how to leverage our niche than the competitions.
  • We can also check the type of keywords, meta description, domain authority, and backlinks also.
  • The competition will give us an idea of what keywords do our research work has to go and what type of advertising channels to use to attract our customers in an organic way.
  • The basic fundamental of competitor analysis will make our presence in an innovative and quantitative way in web platforms or search engine platforms.
Attract Organic Traffic
  • Above all, the most important thing we should learn in digital marketing is to attract traffic or customers in an organic way.
  • The best method in digital marketing to bring our customers towards our site is SEO.
  • Search engine optimization is not a single day job. It has to be worked on every day depending upon the niche market condition. The results of SEO also cannot be seen in a single day or a month.
  • Even with perfect keyword selection, search volume on the higher side, and search difficulty less than 30. It takes 6 months to lead over the traffic. So, SEO has to be updated and learned every day.
  • Another way to attract traffic is by blogging very frequently. The blog can be of the same niche and it has to be more SEO friendly.
  • The blog should be written in a particular format of content marketing and has to be posted every day to get google traffic ranking. The best way to check the google traffic ranking is by installing Alexa Traffic Rank, and it is available in chrome extension.
  • Also, we can use youtube, Instagram, and Facebook pages as a supportive tool to bring the desired traffic to the website. But, it should be regularly updated and customized as customer-friendly on replying to comments, etc.
  • Keeping regular updates that makes a follow to your website will certainly increase the traffic and it can be converted to your sales or services.
  • Digital marketing is a daily process by which we bring our targetted customers into our focus in various ways.
  • Always try to find the niche we built our business and do keyword research which will be relevant to the searchers.
  • Understand how to make traffic for your site in an organic way, which will yield you the right customer and productive ones.
  • Do complete analysis on competitors and do mind mapping. Analyze on their target niche and keywords.
  • Use social media like blogger, youtube, Instagram, Facebook to increase more traffic by continuous engagements.
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