Why is consumer choice important in healthcare marketing

Why Is Consumer Choice Important In Healthcare Marketing?

Ashkar Gomez
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Consumers are not passive in healthcare anymore. They are active participants in deciding healthcare choices that have a major impact on society and individuals. Hence, in today’s healthcare consumer-based marketing approach will only aid in working results for the healthcare sector. 

This blog will give insights to all the healthcare sectors to understand how the choices made by consumers influence their marketing strategies.

Why Is Consumer Choice Important In Healthcare Marketing?

In the present time, consumers play a vital role in healthcare. Consumers decide from getting their medications to selecting their doctors for treatments. Hence, consumer choice influences the healthcare market. 

Traditional marketing may not work in the healthcare system and is no longer about commercializing the professionals alone. On the contrary, it places value on the hospital proposition, being a good competitor, and building trust among patients. The marketing strategies have shifted from a physician-centric to a patient-centric approach. 

Since people are interested in fitness, one such consumer healthcare product can be a fitness tracker. About 100 million people use Apple watches to track fitness. This is proof that healthcare products revolve around consumers. Consumer choices play a crucial role in healthcare marketing.

Benefits of Consumer Choice in Healthcare

There are several benefits that consumer choices contribute to healthcare. The reasons are discussed below.

Increased Patient Engagement

The consumer-based healthcare operates on a patient-centric approach. Cleveland Clinic is best known for its patient-centric strategy. They organized a marketing campaign that focused on having patient experience as its aim. 

The campaign focused on improving its patients’ experience through commercials on television, and online platforms, and gave informative blogs. This helped the organization to increase patient engagement and established it as an attraction for a broad range of patients.

Focus on Quality and Value

Consumer choices are one of the driving factors among competitors in healthcare. Majorly healthcare sectors should focus on providing quality, transparency in cost, and focus on innovation to attract patients.

A great example of a healthcare product that focuses on providing quality and value to patients based on consumer choices is a digital thermometer.  The digital thermometer is easy, quick, and sterile compared to a traditional one. The thermometer provides value as they are designed for customer-centric children as ear thermometers.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Consumer choices provide freedom for patients to personalize their treatments. IBM IX understood this importance and introduced a digital marketing strategy that changed the hospital’s website into a marketing tool. This included incorporating educational content, patient testimonials, and infrastructure in the hospital. This provided a new patient interactive experience and personalized. The hospital made relevant changes leading to engagement by patients and satisfaction. 

How to increase consumer choice in healthcare marketing?

How to increase consumer choice in healthcare marketing

Transparency and Information

In consumer-based healthcare marketing, transparency in cost and treatments is important. This helps patients to compare and decide on the best treatment options. Ensure that your hospital website has a patient-centric approach that includes information on facilities, healthcare professionals, patient testimonials, and experience. Creating campaigns that highlight the pros and cons of all these options will play a crucial role in healthcare marketing.

Convenience and Accessibility

For a healthcare marketing campaign to be successful one must understand the power of convenience and accessibility. Increasing these two areas by providing free accessible educational content, webinars, and infographics will help patients to look out for treatments conveniently. Additionally, make sure your website is seamless to use and provides easy accessibility to relevant information.

For more better understanding, Read our case studies to see real-life examples of how our Healthcare Marketing Agency has helped to design and implement patient-centric marketing strategies.

Challenges of Consumer Choice

Providing Them with Multiple Options

The primary drawback of healthcare is stuffing too much irrelevant information that may be overwhelming for the patient. Making the content more tailor-made and specific will lead to better involvement. For example, if a patient is looking for types of cancer then the content should focus only on that particular element. This will increase the traffic.

Healthcare Literacy

Healthcare literacy is a crucial challenge because not everyone looking for information on a healthcare website is professional. Breaking down the information into simple terms that will help the individual to process and use the information should be the goal. Moderate use of medical literacy will help individuals to take action on their health.


Consumer-based healthcare marketing will help to bring in patient satisfaction, and engagement, and develop valuable products. Moreover, this will help the organization or hospital to move towards patient-centered support and care. However, certain challenges need to be addressed for better-personalized experiences. Good patient health with revenue for healthcare can be achieved through healthcare marketing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is consumerism important in healthcare?

Consumerism plays a crucial role in healthcare as it drives patients to make quality choices, aids in transparent cost and care, and encourages a patient-centered approach.

What is the consumer approach to healthcare?

The consumer approach in healthcare is more towards personalization, value in medical services, and building a trustworthy experience in healthcare products.

How are consumers' options for health care changing?

Consumers mostly opt for services and sectors that have a digital presence, personalized treatment options, and physicians to choose unlike in the past when it was all about doctors.

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