Keyword Research Services to find the right intents in niche

We Are Specialized in Choosing Low-Competition Keywords with High Intent. Prior to this, we understand the seed keyword by decoding your business, and the target audience 

Keyword Research Services

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Keyword Research Services to find the keyword that brings revenue

On average, only 1% of the keywords have a search volume of more than 1000 per month. That’s why you need our keyword research services. Your target audience (users) use keywords to reach you organically via search engines.

If that’s so important, researching key phrases with the fullest attention is key to mastering it. We understand you don’t have that much time to invest in keyword research and that’s where we come into the picture.

Keyword research is one of the basic steps of our On-Page SEO Services after a comprehensive site audit. Every webpage is keyword-centric, and search engines like Google look for the focus keyword in the page and its relevance to the body content.

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90% of the new websites we sign for SEO services lack a proper keyword or search volume

How Does Our Keyword Research Services Work?

Our keyword research process starts by selecting seed keywords from industry and competitor analysis. Besides that will research forming a cluster of keywords around the seed keywords to form topical authority. 

Then, we will research on new keyword opportunity (low-competition keywords) from the competitor. The priority in all the above cases will be choosing the right intent

Since the BERT update, we have always focused on choosing intent-based keywords that get high conversions; usually, they are long-tail keywords.

We always use keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google Keyword Planner to validate the search volume, keyword difficulty, and related keywords.

  • Quick Keywords Audit in Existing Web Pages

    As we have mentioned, 90% of the clients we signed have improperly focused keywords on their website and web pages. We take a quick audit to understand the intent and relevancy of web pages, search volume, related keywords, and keyword difficulty. The keywords that bring zero organic traffic will be removed and replaced by potential keywords of high intent.

  • Research for Seed Keyword

    We will help in researching the pillar key phrases that are largely used by the target audience. Usually, these keywords have huge search volume and very high keyword difficulty (KD). Thus, ranking them in a short duration is a tedious process. Moreover, working only on the seed keyword is not the perfect strategy in SEO, as Google always looks for expertise content.

  • Researching Cluster Keywords

    Google loves topical authority. A seed keyword promotes organic visibility. To form topical authority, we will continue our research on finding the cluster of keywords around the seed keyword. These cluster keywords can be both low competition and high competition.

  • Identifying New Keywords

    The next step will be focused on identifying new keywords from the competitor sites. Usually, our SEO specialist will prioritize choosing low-competition keywords with high search volume.

  • Research on Location-Based Keywords

    Many businesses are location-centric, for example, hospitals, schools, fitness centers, medical shops, etc. Some companies have multiple locations or various countries to target, so we choose the right keyword with a place with high search volume and low KD.

  • Research Auto Suggestive Keywords

    The primary step of keyword research that most experts show least focus is auto suggestive keywords. They can be ranked with the least effort and appear in featured snippets.

  • Comprehensive Report

    Once we have done multi-dimensional keyword research, we work on creating the report, as per the template found below.

Our Pricing

Startup Plan

  • 100 Keywords
  • 5 Seed Keyword
  • Intent Mapping
  • 25+ Low Competition Keywords
  • 50+ Long Tail Keyword
  • Keyword Difficulty and Search Volulme

Enterprise Plan

  • 300 Keywords
  • 15 Seed Keyword
  • Intent Mapping
  • 75+ Low Competition Keywords
  • 150+ Long Tail Keyword
  • Keyword Difficulty and Search Volulme

Our Keyword Research Template

Keyword Research Format - 7 Eagles
Sample Keyword Research Template

As you can see in the sample keyword research template, our keyword research services are optimistic and transparent.

The basic components of our keyword research are

  • Segregate keywords in separate sheets depending on the seed keyword
  • Fill all the cluster keywords
  • Map each keyword with the intent, relevance, search volume, and difficulty
  • Map the existing pages that are relevant to the researched keywords
  • Update the keyword ranking position weekly
  • Get a customized dashboard based on the requirements

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Why Should You Choose 7 Eagles for Keyword Research Services?

SEO is no more a full match game; it has many dimensions and requires experts in every space to obtain a holistic focus. SEO keyword research services require an expert SEO team like 7 Eagles. We are one of the leading digital marketing and SEO companies serving different businesses across the globe.

Keywords are the pillar of any SEO practice. Our SEO specialists and experts have immense knowledge and experience in researching high intent-based keywords that educate, engage, and promote business with your target audience.

We are one of the few companies that have a dedicated research team. We do various stages of research on

  • Industry
  • Market Shares
  • Buyer’s Persona
  • Intent of the query
  • Freshness of the query
  • Meaning of the query
  • Location of the target audience
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keywords Gap
  • Potential and Difficulty level

Once we finish the research, SEO specialists will take care of researching the vital keywords with the help of professional keyword research tools. We highly focus on picking high-intent keywords with low competition. We also provide the related keywords in our keyword research dashboard; this can avoid cannibalizing our clients’ keywords.

Our prime theme of keyword research is making our client’s website reach its target audience. Keep them engaged, educated, and promoted by choosing informational, commercial, transactional, and locational intents.

7 Eagles will be a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. We provide comprehensive and customized on-page SEO services, Technical SEO services, off-page SEO services, local SEO services, etc.

Our team has a pooled experience of 100+ years and worked for 50+ niches across the globe, and we know the buyer’s persona of B2B, B2C, C2C, and D2C clients in various countries. We also provide a dedicated manager to assist with you throughout the project.

If you’re happy with our keyword research services and looking for SEO content writers, you can also avail our content writing services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Keyword research is a process of finding the right keywords that the target audience uses to get your website on the search engine’s first page. It comprises researching the right intent by understanding the buyer’s persona and using keyword research tools to get details like search volume, keyword difficulty (KD), and related keywords for the target location.
The basic step of the keyword research is to identify the seed keywords, intent-based keywords, low-competition keywords, location-based keywords, etc. Keywords are the soul of SEO, so it needs expertise and a research mindset. It is better to reach SEO servicing companies to pick the right and potential keywords that are relevant with high intent.

Keyword research service is the process of finding the right keywords that the target audience uses to get your website on the first page of the search engine. By using the right keywords, your business website can be found by the right audience. You should choose SEO companies whose services include the best keyword research. In this service, keywords are chosen, their intent is analyzed, and their relevance is determined. Yes, keyword research consumes a lot of time; hence, we are here to serve you with high quality and accuracy.

Keyword research service is a one-time investment and can be availed as then needed. Keyword research services comprise seed keywords, intent-based keywords, long tail keywords, and low-competition keywords. We at 7 Eagles offer keyword research services with three plans. Startup (up to 100 keywords), Premium (from 101200 keywords), and Enterprise Plan (201300 keywords). You can contact us for customized plans when you need more than 300 keywords.

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