Best SEO Expert in India to Grow business 10x Organically

Best SEO Expert in India
Handled 200+ reputed clients over 10 countries.
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Best SEO Expert in India Worked with 200+ Projects

Looking to rank your website in search engines? Is your traditional SEO technique not giving you results? Wondering how to improve your organic traffic? Need someone who is a leader in the search engine industry to solve this puzzle for you?
If yes, Then you have landed on the correct  webpage.
Meet Mr. Ashkar Gomez, one of the best SEO experts in India, having 9+ years of experience in advanced SEO services. He has handled 200+ reputed clients over 10 countries.
Honestly, SEO is a long term strategy like investing in stocks. Have you ever been surprised to know that the Infosys shares have provided 113 times returns in the last 20 years?

In such a way there are many websites, whose traffic was just 1000-3000 10 years ago, with amazing SEO strategies and techniques. The same website currently acquires about 2-3 Million organic traffic every month.

Sounds Interesting, Right?  Why wait? We are one touch away to help you.

Benefits of Hiring the Best SEO Analyst

Constructive SEO strategies 1

Constructive SEO strategies

The Best SEO Analyst can plan an effective, long-run constructive SEO strategy to entail the specific needs to increase organic traffic and ranking. This is achieved as the expert stays updated with the latest trends, algorithms and proven advanced practices.

Get a Higher position in Search Engine Rankings

Obtaining a high position in search results increases the website's visibility, which can attract more potential customers to the business. A niche SEO expert can secure this organically by optimizing the website's content, structure and other technical aspects.

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Improve the quality traffic and gain more leads 1

Improve the quality traffic and gain more leads

An SEO expert is focused on bringing more organic quality traffic to the website who can certainly turn out to be a potential customer. This approach is aimed to link up more conversion rates.

Enhanced User Experience

A niche-specific SEO Analyst will ensure the customer has a world-class experience exploring the website. The SEO optimization guarantees optimal site speed, excellent mobile responsiveness, and exceptional navigation quality.

Enhanced User
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Competitive Advantage

Hiring an SEO analyst may require an initial investment, and their expertise can save you money in the long run. Effective SEO means less reliance on paid advertising to drive traffic, leading to more sustainable and cost-effective marketing efforts.

Not impacted by Google Updates

The best SEO analysts stay updated with the emerging changes in the search engine algorithm and adapt the strategies to ensure that the website remains compliant and maintains visibility.

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Cost effectiveness

The best SEO analysts stay updated with the emerging changes in the search engine algorithm and adapt the strategies to ensure that the website remains compliant and maintains visibility.

Book my slots for the below SEO Packages

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SEO Website audit

An SEO website audit is a diligent review of the website’s performance, content, technical on page and off page SEO and overall strategy. The focus is to find out what’s working well, areas of improvement, and errors to be fixed with immediate effect.

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SEO consultation

Providing guidance to Improve the website’s visibility and performance through website Analysis, recommendations on keywords, content, technical SEO and other strategies to boost the organic traffic and search engine rankings.

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SEO project management

Planning, organizing, and overseeing the various tasks and activities in implementing an SEO campaign or strategy, coordinating efforts among team members, and setting goals and timelines to ensure the project stays on track to achieve the desired SEO objectives.

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SEO Training

Helping individuals, businesses, or marketing professionals understand SEO principles and practices and how to apply them effectively to improve a website's search engine rankings and visibility through online courses.

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In house SEO Team setup

An in-house SEO team can gain greater control over your SEO efforts, promoting a deeper understanding of your company's unique needs and creating a team dedicated to your organization's long-term success.

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SEO Funnel Setup

Creating a structured process to attract potential customers through organic search, guiding them through different journey stages, and converting them into valuable leads or customers.

Why hire an SEO expert in India?

Hiring an SEO expert in India has several advantages


In India, you'll find a big talent pool of skilled SEO experts who stay updated with industry trends. They are certified and experienced in handling various SEO projects.

world 1

The time zone difference in India can be advantageous. Ensuring continuous project progress around the clock.

web traffic

Indian SEO experts aim for real outcomes like more website visitors, better search rankings, and increased online visibility.

market research

Tailored strategies to cater to specific target markets


Uncompromised quality SEO techniques with Cost-effective services


Insights to drive result oriented strategies using Data analytics, leading to effective and measurable results


Ethical SEO practices (white hat SEO) and adhere to search engine guidelines

How to choose an SEO expert?

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