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We all look for conversions organically from search engines. But we forget that crawling and indexing of any page is more important for the web page to rank in SERP. In current decades, technical SEO has become a real challenge for any business owner, and we are here to solve it with our technical SEO expertise.

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Technical SEO Services from World's Leading Agency

Did you know? Technical SEO is the least focused among all the other types of SEO in today’s SEO fraternity. The reason behind this is technical attributes are filled with more areas that need extensive knowledge and experience in handling minor issues that can cause a huge impact. Here’s why you need to buy technical SEO services from us.

Tons of Backlinks are useless without quality content. Tons of quality content is useless without search engines crawling your website.

This is why we strongly consider technical SEO to be the top SEO practice. Once your website can crawl and index with a great user experience of navigation and a loading speed of fewer than 2.5 seconds, both search engine ranking and business conversions will be high.

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What are the Important Components of Our Technical SEO Services?

The basics of our Technical SEO Services start with a Technical SEO Audit using professional SEO Audit Tools. We basically use tools like Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, SEMrush, and Ahrefs for Technical audits of any website.

Once we are done with the Technical SEO Audit, the next step is to list out the priority errors to be fixed to the least one. The topmost priority is to revoke the issues that affect crawl accessibility. Many SEO experts would say, “Don’t optimize for search engines; optimize for users.” But we don’t believe it will work practically. If your web pages are not discovered, crawled, or indexed by search engines, there are nil chances of them reaching the user. Mozlow’s hierarchy has clearly mentioned starting your SEO services by working on Crawl Accessibility. Here is the following framework that we follow to optimize a web page technically. You can get in touch with us for Technical SEO checklists.
Technical Site Audit
Fixing Coverage Issues
Sitemap.xml & Robots.txt
Javascript Optimization
Web Performance Optimization
Core Web Vitals
Fixing Broken Links
On Page SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

This technical audit work starts with diagnosing coverage issues (Crawling, Rendering, Indexing) with the help of Google Search Console and Screaming Frog. After this, we will be auditing performance like website loading speed, Core web Vitals, and Page Experience. We will also advise all our clients to choose cloud-based hosting like cloudways, AWS, Google Cloud, etc. Finally, we will detect all the broken links (internal and external).

Keyword Research and Analysis

Fixing Coverage Issues

You should be equipped with the basics of how a search engine works and the process involved in it. This will help you understand how coverage issues would impact crawling, rending, crawl budget, crawl priority, and finally, Indexing. You might only work on the error part of Google Search Console’s Coverage section. But, major work is pending in the Excluded part, which we are Picasso in resolving. We usually get more projects just to resolve the coverage issues on a website.


Sitemap.xml & Robots.txt

Both sitemap.xml and robots.txt are important parameters for search engine crawlers to discover, crawl, render, and index any webpage. The sitemap provides the information on the website structure in front of the search engine; it acts as a website architecture. When a URL is updated in a sitemap, it can be discovered or crawled by search engines. Robot.txt provides the command for search engines on what web pages to crawl and not to crawl. Robots.txt can help in better crawl budget management.

Java Script SEO Optimization

JavaScript Optimization

Javascript is one of the most vital equipment for any website’s visibility to search engines. Javascript SEO is one of the prime focuses we deploy under technical SEO services. Googlebot possesses Javascript for the mechanism of crawling, rendering, and indexing. Many websites are impacted by JavaScript execution, as they have heavy usage of JS files. Javascript renders each and every section of the webpage, and it’s better to delay the execution of JavaScript for good loading speed.

Website Performance and Loading Speed Optimization

Website Performance

The maximum share of the bounce rate is contributed by the very poor loading speed of the website. Google search engine has sharpened its doom overloading speed as one of the ranking factors. Search engines like Google require information from their users within 2.5 seconds or less. Any website that fails to do so is bleeding out from its position. Hosting, CDN, resources like Image, HTML, CSS, JS, etc. 

Core Web Vitals Optimization

Core Web Vital Optimization

It is a part of the Page Experience update and one of Google’s core ranking factors. Once Muller from Google said, “Core Web Vital works are more than a tie-breaker in ranking.” It consists of three core components: LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), and CLS (Cumulative Layout shift). CLS should be less than or equal to 2.5 sec, FID should be less than or equal to 100 ms, and CLS should be less than or equal to 0.1. We are experts in optimizing the core web vital issue and rank better than your competitors.

Broken Links - Error 404 - Page Not Found

Fixing Broken Links

Another technical SEO error that interrupts the good experience of both user and search engines are broken links. This has to be fixed immediately so that it won’t make a spike in bounce rate. Broken links should be removed from every webpage immediately. We use professional tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to find all the broken links. Then, we either remove them or redirect them to the relevant or modified web URL.

We are a leading Technical SEO Company

That focuses on increasing the crawl accessibility and providing a better user experience for the target audience.

Does your Website Face any Crawling Issues or Poor Loading Speed?

Technical SEO Services Offered Under 7 Eagles


Technical SEO Audit Services

Get the Market’s best Technical SEO audit, which analyzes 120+ checklists and provides you with a file that contains errors, areas of development, and opportunities. Our audit doesn’t showcase the error part; rather, we provide the best solution to rectify them.

search engine optimization

Core Web Vitals Optimization

One of the promising encounters we have faced in recent times under technical SEO services is optimizing Core Web Vitals. The CWV dashboard is available in Google Search Console for both Desktop and Mobile, and the Webpages that pass CWV have ranked higher.


Coverage Issues Services

This is one of the important parameters we look at in our technical SEO services. We understand the pain point of customers, as it hurts a ton when your web pages are not indexing even after producing well-researched content. So, we will make sure that search engines index your pages.

seo 2

Website Loading Speed Optimization

Even though it is a part of Core Web Vitals, people use tools like Page Speed Insight and GTMetrix to validate the website loading speed score. Our team has wider knowledge and experience in reviving loading speed by maintaining page speed scores of more than 80+

seo 1

Indexing Errors Fixing 

Indexing of your webpages can be impacted for numerous reasons. Diagnosing the exact reason that inhibits the webpage from indexing can bring you huge ROI. So, our Technical SEO services will arrest the bleed once we diagnose the issues through an audit.


Mobile Friendly Optimization

Mobile friendly is one of the important Google ranking factors, as per Mobilegeddon update. Currently, Googlebot only prefers and performs mobile-first index of any pages. Many WordPress users suffer from mobile-friendly issues. We fix them with ease.

Why Choose 7 Eagles as Technical SEO Agency

We are one of the world’s leading growth marketing agencies with more than 5+ years of exposure and 10+ technical SEO experts. Yet we look forward to being established as a top Technical SEO Company serving businesses across the globe. As a groundwork for stepping forward on our vision, we have served some of clients from the United States, Canada (Toronto), the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). 

We have a separate team to explore the ocean of Technical SEO, which comes with a total experience of 100+ years, and we have been in the market from the time the Google Panda algorithm update started to the recent Core update rolled out. Even though our headquarters is in Chennai, India, 70% of our business and new clients pitch from overseas. The majority are from Canada and the United States.

Before focusing on any process of SEO services or any specific SEO category like Technical SEO services, we fix all the other aspects that could impact the landing, like hosting, cache plugin, multi-media size, etc.

Our team is well-versed in how the Google search engine works, its ranking factors, and Google Algorithm, and is continuously updated by our research team.

7 Eagles is one of the SEO companies that have a separate research team that helps the initial process and development of organic marketing with ease.

Besides this, we also assign a specific SEO manager (accounts manager) for every client/project. This has been a great lifeline in client retention and satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Technical SEO Services comprises of Technical SEO Audit, fixing coverage issues, recovering indexation, optimizing website loading speed to pass core web vitals, Optimizing HTML, CSS, and images. Also, our services are extended in fixing broken links, multiple redirects, optimizing robots.txt, and sitemap, structured data, mobile usability, etc.

Our technical SEO services has benefitted more than 100 business across the world, as we have specific account managers who are well-versed in technical SEO, and Google Algorithms.

Technical services can’t be a one-time investment, as issues and solutions should be employed then and there. Our Technical SEO services package starts from $400 and it goes up to $2000 per month depending on the issue to recover. There are a few process, where we resolve them by one-time investment like Hosting migration, loading speed optimization, Fixing coverage issues, and Fixing broke links.

Yes, even optimized sites benefit from Technical SEO. It’s the foundation for crawlability, indexing, and user experience, all crucial for ranking high. Think of it as building a strong house before decorating it.

Technical SEO impacts vary, but noticeable improvements can appear within 3-6 months. Expect gradual climbs after that, with peak performance reaching around 1 year. Be realistic: SEO is a marathon, not a sprint! Consistent effort and patience are key.

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