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Quality Link Building Services to Increase Organic Traffic

Link building is the process of earning links to your website from an external website. It is an important strategy for off-page SEO. It’s time to invest in link building, on-page optimization, and technical SEO services.  

External links in your website are known as backlinks. Despite doing the same role in SEO, there are some difference between backlinks and link building. When an external website naturally links to your web page, the links from the external source are backlinks. When you get the authority of the link from another website, it is link building.

If your webpages don’t get backlinks naturally, then it’s time to check out our Link building services. We understand that there are many spam activities happening in the link building. As per Google quality guidelines, these activities are termed “link schemes.”

7 Eagles knows what is relevant and quality according to Google and always performs white hat SEO techniques. We never engage link building from the websites that sell links or manipulate domain authority.

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Why Your Business Needs SEO Link Building Services?

SEO Link Building

A study by Ahrefs has stated that organic traffic increases as the number of referring domains increases. At the same time, 66% of web pages don’t have a single backlink.

Google has always made us cautious not to buy/sell backlinks, but it has never mentioned this in its guidelines.

Search engines are not humans to read every content to find which is the correct answer or which are high-quality contents. So, it uses two signals to identify the quality content. One is topical authority, and the other is backlinks.

I hope you have understood the importance of link building services for your website. We at 7 Eagles never encourage or promote our customers to buy links.

Yet, our team connects with specialized master domains in the niche and gets backlink in exchange for a valuable content.

Link Building is tedious and time consuming. It has multiple checklist to finalize the quality one. That’s the reason, you should hire our SEO agency to handle the process with 100% quality and proven strategies. This will help your website to increase authority, keywords ranking, and organic traffic.

Every business looking for SEO services must invest time and energy in white hat link-building techniques. White hat technique means following Google guidelines about link building.

Here are our white hat techniques for link building.

Things We Never Practice (Black Hat Link Building) in Off-Page SEO

Quality Link Building Services

How Does Our Off-Page SEO Services Work?

Backlinks Audit Services

Removal of Spam Backlinks

Strategy and Research

External Website Analysis

Outreach Techniques

Guest Post

Digital PR/HARO

On Page SEO Audit

Backlinks Audit Services

The initial step in link building services is to audit the existing links that transmit link juice to the website. Bad backlinks will lead to backfire in ranking. Links from spam websites might lead Google to penalize your website. So, we take ample time to investigate every link, maintain the quality, and try to remove the links that have spam and are involved in link schemes or having a page like “submit a guest post/paid guest post,” as Google can penalize them in upcoming updates. So, Quality backlinks will be our top priority in SEO link building services.

Backlinks Disavow and Removing Spammy Backlinks

Removal of Spam Backlinks

Once our audit picks spam backlinks or links from penalized websites, we remove the link or disavow the link juice passed by these backlinks. Disavow is a free tool by Google Search Console that helps to remove the credibility shared by the spam websites. Even if the links redirect traffic to your websites, the link authority will not pass which makes your website safe in front of search engines.

Research and Strategy

Strategy, Research, and Oppurtunity for Quality Links

The next phase of Off page SEO is framing the strategy to build links from an external source to your website. Link building doesn’t happen in a second or in a day. It needs strategy and a lot of research in choosing the right website to earn a link from them. After research, we will follow up with the website owner via mail and social media to get the link either through guest post, PR or link insertion on the broken outbound links.

Off Page SEO - Link Building Analysis

External Website Analysis

Hardcore research on the website is required to get good organic traffic; they should be relevant to our niche or should get more organic traffic to our website (minimum 1000/month). Next, we will be looking at number of referring domains vs. linked domains (outbound links) and rank the relevant and specific keywords. Then, we will research the top-ranking pages, spam scores, etc. Once the website clears all our tests, we will proceed with outreach.

Outreach Techniques

Outreach Techniques

Outreach is the best way to reach the website owners of relevant niche with quality content. Our Off-page SEO team is specialized in choosing the quality sites as per our strategical streamlining process. Initially, we perform competitor analysis of our client’s niche to find the referring domains of the ranking websites that give us a brief idea of which websites to target. Then we will connect with the website owner through mail or social media and start our relationship by sharing our expertise in the niche.

Guest Posting - Link Building Services

Guest Post

Guest post is the preferred outreach technique and considered as the best link building service. Our team members are precautious and share content only with quality websites. We never post on any website with the banner “submit Guest Post” or “Paid Guest Post” and with the websites that sell links. We share expertise content and earn a relevant link. We don’t care about “Nofollow” or “Dofollow.” We need links from a quality website.

Digital PR - HARO

Digital PR and HARO

Many companies fail to implement that one effective yet underrated link building strategy and that is Press Release (PR) and Help A Reporter Out (HARO). These websites require more content and resources. You can easily help them with content and get a link in favor of your website. You can also create awareness content on your niche and share it through PR company websites.

Looking for Quality Backlinks? Then you need us!!!

Affordable Link Building Services to Increase Organic Traffic:

When it comes to backlinks or link building, many businesses fail to invest and practice social bookmarking, web 2.0, directories with no traffic, article submissions, etc.

Just think, if mining gold was an easy process, will gold be valuable? No, isn’t it? In the same way, if you’re doing the same work as your neighbors who don’t get any organic traffic, you will also end up with the same.

So, it is to either choose the winning track that brings your website to the estimated target or join hands with a professional SEO servicing company like 7 Eagles.

Many SEO practitioners, experts, and servicing companies leave link building for two reasons. One is link building consumes loads of time; the other is that it is a strenuous process to find a quality website. This keeps them away from building quality links.

This is where we have a specialized team to work on your behalf. We know that backlinks should be made naturally. Till you reach the first page of SERP, the natural backlink is a fantasy. So, we help in outreaching through social media, email marketing, PR, HARO, and guest post.

Affordable Link Building Services

Our off-page SEO services come in an affordable package that could fulfill all your needs that can increase authority to and build trust in your website. Once you’re onboard, we will take care of all the off-page SEO processes from A to Z without any hassle.

We have found many websites on the internet giving the least or zero priority to link building. Many think that if technical SEO and On-Page SEO are taken care of, the website will be ranked automatically. But, this is the biggest myth in the SEO practice.

Backlinks are like votes; the more you get from other domains, the higher the chances of ranking. Links from external domains increase authority and trustworthiness, which are the main parameters of the E-A-T algorithm, and Google loves it.

Here are few benefits you get from our link building works.

Our Link Building Services


Link Building Audit Services

Same as all SEO services, link building works by starting with an audit. This helps us identify the authority and spam status of the backlinks. Besides this we move a step forward and analyze the broken backlinks of the website.

search engine optimization

Removal of Spam Backlinks

Once the backlinks audit is completed, we work on removing the spam websites and irrelevant website using Disavow tool. We understand not only the spam score with Moz but also multiple other parameter.


Penalty Recovery

When a website is marked under link scheme activities, Google penalizes them and keeps them away from organic traffic. Our SEO experts help in recovering these sites from penalty. Basic step is maintaining linked domains less than referring domains.

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Outreach Services

Our SEO experts are highly skilled when it comes to outreach. Basically, we understand the niche and the competitor and map to the opportunity. We focus more on relevancy, expertise, and high authority website for outreach.

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Guest Post Services

This is one of the high-demand SEO practice, as we focus on providing high-quality website that provides high-quality content with detailed information. We try to share valuable content and get a link back.


Digital PR and HARO Services

We are in good relationship with multiple PR and HARO agencies in many cities across the globe. Our PR and HARO services have led many websites to reach millions of people and had business enquires and conversions.

Why You Should Choose us for Your Link Building SEO Services

It is necessary to choose an SEO agency that follows white hat SEO techniques. There are many link building services that built 50 backlinks for cheap price. But you should be vigilant on whether the link juice passed is the webpage that share links is indexed. Is the content unique? Do they share value? Do they come under E-A-T algorithm?

We are an SEO services company that work on both 360 degree of SEO and mobilizing each and every segment of SEO to fulfill the goal.

Link building is a steady and long-term process. In this service, we usually charge for number of backlinks (only from quality niche). Now, you may ask a question, how do we judge a website’s quality? We select a website using the following factors.

  1. Relevant niche
  2. High number of keyword ranking from the relevant niche
  3. Minimum 1000+ organic traffic from relevant keywords
  4. Maximum organic traffic from the target country
  5. Higher referring domains than linked domains
  6. Crawl frequency and priority
  7. Spam Score as per Moz and many other factors

We are one of the agencies who don’t care about domain authority (DA) or domain rating (DR). We give priority only to the above points. So, getting 10 backlinks using our SEO service will be equal to 10000 backlinks from a non-qualified website.

Our reporting will be transparent, and every project will be assigned to an SEO manager, who will be your point of contact. We only focus on quality rather than quantity, and you can expect best work from us and will be charged accordingly.

7 Eagles is a 3+ years matured company that has appeared in Clutch, The Manifest, GoodFirms, as one of the leading SEO company across the globe. In the same way, we are serving multiple clients across 7 countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, UAE, Australia, South Africa, and India.

Apart from off-page SEO services, we also do the following services related to SEO.

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