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Featured Snippets – How to Optimize for 1st Position

Are you someone who looks to get more organic clicks to your site? Then, it’s high time, you should optimize your web page to appear on featured snippet.

Every SEO professional love to see their optimized web pages get a place in featured snippet, as it drives maximum CTR, and traffic. Google introduced this special feature in 2014, from then they are the best update that happened for SERP feature.

There’s still the debate exists on the role of structured data or schema markup for a web page to appear in featured snippet.

In this article you will learn the complete guide on how to get your web page in feature snippet.

What is Featured Snippets?

Google’s Featured Snippets provide quick answers to searcher queries at the top of its search results. These results appears to be framed in a box tagged by featured snippet, under the search result.

Featured Snippet

Recently, you get a highlight in blue color on the exact answer for the search query in the featured snippet.

The role of featured snippet is to provide the relevant and quick answer to the searchers. These cool features keep Google to maintain the highest search engine market share.

Eventhough, feature snippets gets more zero clicks, as it answers the query in one or two sentences, that is the 1st position in SERP (search engine result page)

Why is Featured Snippets Important to SEO?

The importance of featured snippets are as follows

1. Improves Organic Visibility

Earlier, many experts term the position that featured snippets appear as zeroth position. There was a time, when Google list a web page in both feature snippet, and organic search result.

Both the above conditions are no more available, as SERP has 10 results including the featured one. But, the point to take away is, getting featured on 1st position of search engine ranking page helps to increase the organic impression, and visibility.

2. Improves Click-through Rate (CTR)

Not all featured snippets are one sentence answer. Except few long-tail questions, other queries require depth information, and thus the user have to click the web page to read the complete information.

So, optimizing your web page for featured snippet to maximize click-to-rate (CTR).

3. Improves Branding

Inspite of acquiring maximum zero-click searches, it improves the brand awareness of your website.

Their prominence is even greater on mobile devices, where they’re usually the first thing people notice.

One of the most important SEO KPIs is increasing your share of voice on the SERPs. A company’s long-term growth can be attributed primarily to brand-building.

Your brand will be more associated as a market leader if it appears on SERPs for relevant topics.

4. Builds Authority

When an user find your web page on 1st position of SERP for many query as possible on a relevant topic, it builds authority for your website on the sight of both user and search engine.

The biggest ranking factor that Google looks at is authority. It doesn’t meant to build or earn quality backlinks; even the organic appearance of your brand name builds the authority.

To build such featuring in 1st position of SERP, you should build your website on focus of topical authority.

Types of Featured Snippets

Google has almost 5 types of featured snippets, and these appears on the SERP depending of the intent behind the user’s query.

  1. Paragraph or Definition box.
  2. Numbered list.
  3. Bullet list.
  4. Table.
  5. Video.

Paragraph or Definition box:

Definition box featured snippets

This is the most important among all types of featured snippet, as it comes with definition, and helps users find complete information about the query.

Sometimes, this definiton box features with a set of relevant questions below them, this helps users to click on those question directly, if that’s their actual need.

Numbered List

Numbered List Featured Snippet

This is one of our preferred type of featured snippets, as it comes with few answers followed by more items. When user click on the more items, it take them to the web page to consume the complete content.

Bullet List

Bullet List - Featured Snippet

This is another preferred type of featured snippets, as it comes with few bullet points followed by more items. When user click on the more items, it take them to the web page to consume the complete content.


Table Featured Snippets

This feature appears on 1st post in Google, when your web page has a table. Besides this, your web page should be in 1st page of Google to appear in table featured snippet.


Video Featured Snippet

Learn other snippet results that are not part of featured snippets. Still, it’s important to get featured in such snippets.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Card

Knowledge Card

Entity Carousel

Entity Carousel

How to Optimize for Featured Snippet?

  1. Identify the feature snippets of your website
  2. Identify competitor’s featured snippets.
  3. Understand search intent.
  4. Create and update content structure often.
  5. Create content better than the competitors
  6. Validate the content.
  7. Your content well structured for users (readers) and search engines.
  8. Add questions with keywords in header tags (Especially in H2 tags0
  9. Implement SEO tactics.
  10. Keep optimizing your content until your web page list on featured snippet.

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