Product Marketing Vs. Growth Marketing

Product Marketing Vs. Growth Marketing

Ashkar Gomez
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Product marketing and growth marketing. Though both marketing techniques have the same end goal and work to grow the business, the methods and data they use to achieve their goal are different.

Both are entirely different and require different skill sets. However, they are both similar in their end goal.

In this article, we’ll look into detail some of the major differences and similarities between product marketing and growth marketing. This will help you understand which marketing technique to use for a specific goal.

Product Marketing And Growth Marketing: Differences

There are several differences between product marketing and growth marketing. Most people don’t know the differences and think both roles are interchangeable.

However, both are different, and each marketer has a different focus and end goal to reach.

Definition & Focus

To understand the difference between product marketing and growth marketing, you should first understand what each role means.

Product Marketing 

It is a marketing strategy focusing mainly on the product and its relevance to the user’s needs. Product marketers will thoroughly research their target audience, analyze their wants and needs, and ensure their products reach the customers right when they need them. 

They will look into product positioning and identify the product’s unique selling point based on customer interviews and analysis. They also collaborate with the product developers and suggest developments that will appeal to the target market.

Growth Marketing

While product marketing focuses on the audience’s interaction with the product, growth marketing  focuses on how to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. 

Growth marketers work with the marketing team to drive growth and get new customers to buy their products. They work on marketing aspects like ads, SEO, PR, etc.


There are some key differences in the messaging techniques that product marketers and growth marketers use to communicate with the audience. Let’s look at the breakdown of what each of them focuses on to reach the customers. 

Product Marketing

Product marketers mainly focus on emphasizing why the customers should buy the product. They focus on points like

  • Their products’ capabilities in solving customer’s painpoints,
  • Their products’ value proposition, and
  • How their product is different from its competitors. 

Product marketing is all about communicating the product’s benefits and problem-solving capacities. 

Growth Marketing

Growth marketers mainly focus on getting customers to continue using the product and turning them into advocates (referrals) for it. They try to make customers understand why they should use, stay, and share the product. 

Their messaging technique involves

  • Using personalized messaging to target a particular customer persona,
  • Creating a sense of urgency and encouraging users to take the desired action,
  • Implementing interesting tactics like rewards and coupons to drive customer engagement.


Product Marketing

Research is paramount for any type of marketing strategy. While both product and growth marketing keep users as the centre of their research, their focus of study is different. 

Product Marketing

Product marketing focuses on learning more about the target audience and where their product fits in the market. They analyze factors like

  • Latest market trends,
  • What competitors do to promote their products, and
  • Industry reports.

They also conduct interviews and campaigns to obtain direct reviews and feedback from customers regarding their needs, pain points, and preferences. They will then use this data to tailor their products to the users’ needs. 

Growth Marketing

Growth marketing also researches users, but they analyze user behavior with the product and find areas of growth and improvement. They find ways to improve engagement and retention rates. 

To understand user behavior, they use analytical approaches like

  • A/B testing,
  • Heatmaps and session recordings,
  • Funnel analysis,
  • Customer segmentation, etc.

Both product marketing and growth marketing leverage user interviews and data analytics to gather information about their products and users. However, their methods and areas of focus are different. 

Launch Process

Both product and growth marketing play a crucial role in the launch of a new product. They play different roles here and work together to make the launch process a success. 

Product Marketing

Product marketers focus on the positioning of the new product in the market. They focus on the product’s features and benefits and draft messaging and campaigns to make customers understand and buy the product. Most of their work happens before the launch process. 

Growth Marketing

Growth marketers are responsible for customer onboarding and optimizations during and after the launch process. They analyze user behavior and optimize product features to improve engagement and retention rates.

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure for product marketing and growth marketing differs for each company based on its size, maturity, strategy, and culture. Here are some ways the two marketing personnel might be organized.

  • Separate teams working under one head

The product and growth marketers will be separated into different teams with their own heads. Each team’s head will report to the same marketing director or CMO. This is common in big companies. 

  • A single team under the same head

Both product and growth marketers will be placed in a single team under one head. This is more common in smaller companies. 

  • The marketers are distributed according to requirements

In this structural approach, the product and growth marketers will be distributed to teams where their contributions are necessary. 

Skills & Mindsets

The skills and mindset required for product and growth marketers have both similarities and differences based on their areas of focus and goals. Below is a table depicting the skills and mindset of both marketers.

Element Product Marketing Growth Marketing


  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Messaging & market positioning
  • Customer understanding
  • Content creation
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Data analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Experimentation
  • Marketing automation
  • User experience optimization
  • Copywriting



  • Customer-centric
  • Clear messaging
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Understanding the bigger business picture
  • Creative problem solving
  • Continual optimization
  • Analytical thinking
  • Data-driven and growth hacking mentality
  • Focusing on measurable results

Relationship To Product Management

Both product marketers and growth marketers have a close relationship with product managers and work to ensure the product is in its best condition for the market and the users.

  • Product marketer & product manager

They work together to ensure the product aligns with the market trend and has a clear value proposition. 

  • Growth marketer & product manager

They work together to optimize user experience with the product and improve product engagement and retention. 

Product Marketing And Growth Marketing: The Similarities

Despite having so many differences, product marketing and growth marketing have certain similarities that make them work toward the same end goal. 

  • Customer focus- Both marketing techniques rely on understanding the customer and user behavior. Product marketers understand user needs to position their products in the market, and growth marketers understand user behavior to optimize products for retention.
  • Metrics and goals- Both product marketers and growth marketers have the same goal: making their product a success in the marketplace. 
  • Data-driven decision-making- Both marketers rely on data and analytics to make marketing decisions. They come up with the next step of their strategy through clear data analysis.
  • Content creation- Both marketers use content marketing to reach their goals. Product marketers use content to educate consumers about the product, and growth marketers use content to engage and retain customers. 
  • Collaboration- Both marketers collaborate to achieve their ultimate goal: achieve overall product success. They share insights and valuable information and ensure a seamless user experience. 

End Goals: Market Share Versus Sales

As you have seen so far, product marketing and growth marketing have different goals for your business growth. You should first understand what you need from a campaign before choosing between both marketing approaches. 

If what you are aiming for is new product awareness, improving an existing product, or entering new markets, you need product marketing to achieve your goals. 

However, if what you are looking for is more customers through leads, engagement, and conversions, you should opt for a growth marketing strategy

Do your market research, analyze all data, discuss with your team, and choose which marketing strategy can give you the results you wish to achieve. 

Product Marketing Vs. Growth Marketing- Comparision Table

Product Marketing Growth Marketing
Focuses on messaging, positioning, and user resonance
Focuses on rapid company expansion and user acquisition
Work towards product success and market positioning
Work towards sustainable and rapid growth in user base
Works closely with product teams
Collaborates with various departments for growth
Targets potential and existing users for marketing
Targets new customers and focuses on expanding user base and market share


Product marketing and growth marketing are like two sides of the same coin that work toward achieving success for your product and business. Whatever approach you choose for your campaign, do so wisely. 

If you don’t know how to do this or have no time to focus on drafting a clear marketing strategy, you can choose an expert growth marketing agency to do the work for you. They can better understand the market and help you get your desired results more quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a product manager and a growth manager?

A product manager manages product development and strategy, focusing on customer needs and product features. A growth manager helps company expansion through customer acquisition, activation, and retention strategies. While both roles aim for product success, product managers focus on product development, while growth managers concentrate on user growth and market share.

How Does Product Marketing Interact With Product Management?

Product marketing works closely with product management to define and launch new products, from roadmap development to market positioning.

Why Both Product marketing and Growth marketing Essential For Businesses

To establish scalable and sustainable businesses today, you must excel at both outbound product marketing and inbound growth marketing. Companies must combine market-facing external marketing with internal user journey optimization. 

Focusing on just one function is not enough. Growth requires close collaboration between product marketing and growth teams working towards common goals.

How Does Growth Product Marketing Interact With Product Management?

Growth product marketing works closely with product management to optimize product activation, retention, and growth. Growth prioritizes refining and iterating on product experiences before and after launch.

What is the difference between marketing and product marketing?

Marketing is a common term for promoting and advertising products, guiding customers through the purchase journey. Product marketing is a part of marketing that focuses on advertising products for target markets. It involves collaboration with product teams and extends beyond traditional marketing, especially in tech companies.

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