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The Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing

Here is the complete guide on YouTube Marketing for any expertise level. Before going deep into the definition, and strategies, let us try to put in our mind to understand the basics and statistics of YouTube. It is one of the world’s leading video content platforms with more than 2 Billion active users logging in every day.

Same as Search Engines, content is what YouTube looks at. Engaging, Relevant, and more informative content increases the dwelling time of any user. We advise our students to understand the need and intent of their audience and guess what they need. Gather points or pictures according to it and then draft a perfect video plan.

YouTube is a free social media marketing platform for any content creator, that is managed by various algorithms that promote the videos which have content that meets the user’s intent. Here are a few statistics on YouTube,

  • 55% of users are browsing YouTube Videos every day. In which, 33% of them use several times a day
  • More than 80% of USA parents advise their Kid to gain knowledge through YouTube
  • 59% of marketers believe YouTube is one of the beneficial Content Marketing platforms.
  • Every user spends on average 42 mins every day on YouTube.
  • 41% of watch hours are contributed via Mobile, and 35% is contributed by TV
  • A user watches 9 videos on average every day.
  • 60% of consumers make decisions with the help of Feedback, Reviews done by YouTube Channels.
  • It is currently available in 76 languages.

This YouTube Marketing guide, which is a part of Digital Marketing Strategies, has all the required tips and resources for improving the search positions for YouTube content, both on YouTube and on Google Search Engine.

Stay tuned till the end of the article and get every tip and bonus that we gained by our own experience.

What is YouTube Marketing?

One of the marketing techniques of reaching your business, brands, products, and services to your target audience with the help of Video Content from your YouTube Channel. The content which you create can reach your audience organically or boost through social media, and YouTube Ads.

To get maximum reach, or engagement your content should be engaging, educating, informative with 20% promoting your business.

Your videos can be indexed instantly and appear on the YouTube search result page on relevance to keywords and the quality of the content. The average time every user spends on your video decides the virality of your video content.

Why is YouTube Marketing Important?

  • It is a popular social media website, search engine, hosting service, and advertising platform for companies all over the world.
  • Many people consider YouTube as a social media platform; others see it as more of video-on-demand service.
  • If you want to be a viral hit on YouTube, you must create high-quality videos with a large number of genuine YouTube views.
  • However, it is important to note that the process does not end there.
  • You shouldn’t just upload as many videos as you want and expect better results; you should also think about YouTube Marketing Strategy.
  • Next to Google, YouTube is regarded as the second most popular search engine
  • Video promotion is now a higher priority in order to attract a potential viewer on YouTube.

Steps Involved in building YouTube Marketing:

Once you have decided to market your content through YouTube (Video) Medium, you should understand creating a video is not an easy step. 73% of people prefer video as a preferred learning medium compared to text.

It is necessary to grab the complete attention and eagerness of your viewers in the first 10-15 seconds. More than creating a channel, you should invest some quality time in planning ideas for the video, Content Marketing Strategy, identifying your goals, etc.

Then you should start providing your audience with valuable, informative, effective, yet promotional content in equal intervals. When you have planned your Brand’s strategy and Video plans, you should start

  • Film the Video
  • Edit them
  • Voice-over
  • Analyze with the market and Competitors
  • Updating contents consistently.

This will make your content a share-worthy one. The chances of YouTube promoting your content increase organically.

There’s a lot that goes into using YouTube to promote your brand. Here are the seven most critical moves in general:


Step 1 – Creating your Company YouTube channel

Step 2 – Customizing your Channel

Step 3 – Create a video plan

Step 4 – Create high-quality videos with the aim of increasing Watch Time

Step 5 – YouTube SEO to Promote the Videos

Step 6 – Understanding YouTube Analytics

Step 7 – YouTube Ads

1. Creating Your Company YouTube Channel

Publishing a video on YouTube is exclusively free, you should have a Gmail account to create a Channel for yourself or your company. Let us take you through an interesting journey of “how to create a Channel”

Create a Google account:

Create a gmail Account for YouTube Marketing
    • Select “Sign In” in the upper right-hand corner of youtube.com.
    • You’ll be asked to sign in if you have a Google account.
    • If you have several Google accounts, make sure you have selected the one to be linked to the YouTube channel.
    • If you don’t have a Google account already, click “Create Account” and fill in the details that are required to create your account.

By Using Google account, create a YouTube channel:

Once you create the Gmail account, you should log in to YouTube with the help of the new Gmail.

Follow the below steps to create a channel for your brand

Create YouTube Channel for YouTube Marketing
    • Go to YouTube.com and click on your “profile” in the top right corner with the help of the newly logged email id, then select “My Channel” from the drop-down.
    • Press “Create Channel”, you will be provided with two options, either “Your Name” or “Custom Name”
    • Once you choose any of the above options, you will redirect to a page as similar as the above image.
    • Just enter the name of your business/brand name, and then click “Create Channel”.

2. Customizing YouTube channel:

Customizing YouTube Channel

Once you have created the channel, the next step is to customize them with all the relevant details that attract users.

The moment you enter your YouTube Channel, you will be having two options in the top right corner. “Customize Channel” and “Manage Videos”. Click on “Customize Channel and do the following Steps.

Channel icon/ profile picture:

  • This step has to be done, before entering into customizing channel option.
  • Your profile shot — this is how YouTube users can recognize the maker of a video while viewing video content.
  • To Change the Icon or profile picture, click on the channel default icon and a new page opens.
  • You will find a Picture, banner, and Video Watermark. There you have to change new icons by uploading them.
  • Always try to use your company logo if its a business account, or use your profile picture if it’s a personal branding account

Channel art/ Banner Image:

YouTube Channel Customization - Profile Pic, banner image
  • The banner picture is a huge banner positioned at the top of your channel list, and it’s a major chance to express your brand to your viewers.
  • Below the Picture, there will be a section “Banner Image”. Upload an image that impacts your audience, as it appears at the top of your channel.
  • An Ideal banner image should be 2048 x 1152 pixels, with a size of 6 MB or less.

Video Watermark:

  • Watermark is like protecting our video and has legal protection and copyrights
  • A transparent image of your logo or your brand name can be used as the watermark
  • The ideal position is to place them in the Centre of either Right or Left Corner

Description & Basic Informations:

YouTube Channel Customize - Basic Info
  • Basic Info is the place where you can edit or change “Channel Name” and “Description”
  • Description can be up to 1000 characters, it will be good if it is optimized with focused keywords that meet your user’s intent. This can rank your channel video for those keywords in YouTube Search Engine.
  • You will be provided with Channel URL, which you can promote on other social media account. Custom URL for the channel will be accessible only after reaching 100 Subscribers
  • Moving forwards, you can choose the language of your channel and videos
  • Add all the relevant links to your business like Website URL, Facebook Page, Instagram Page, LinkedIn Page, Pinterest Page, Twitter page, etc.
  • Finally, you have to include your mail id as the only contact info.

Trailer Video & Featured Videos:

YouTube Channel Customize - Layout - Trailer Video and Featured Videos
  • In the layout section, there are two vital exercises to be done. One is a trailer video, another is a Featured Video
  • Trailer Video is like an introductory video for the new visitor or user who hasn’t subscribed to the channel yet. The video duration should be between 30 to 60 seconds
  • Featured Video is created for your subscribers who are returning to your channel
  • There is another section known as “Featured Sections”. You can add up to 12 sections to the channel. Every section has its own role for your subscriber and first-time visitors

Managing User Permissions:

  • The most important part of channel customization is providing user permissions to various people managing your Business YouTube channel.
  • Every Channel can have the following user access. Owner, Manager, Editor, Editor(Limited), Viewer, Viewer(Limited)

3. Create a Video Plan:

Before creating a video plan, you should know “How to write a script for YouTube Videos”. Well-drafted content will convert to an engaging video.

The next step is to create your audience persona, unique selling proposition for every video. You want to make sure that the kind of content you create is in line with what the audience needs.

Start by getting to know your audience and what kind of content they want to see from you, whether you’re writing a blog post or making a video.

Almost any decision you make about your video should be driven for your viewers, subscribers, and target audience by asking few questions like,

  • Who is your Target Audience
  • What are their age group
  • Where is your Target audience from?
  • What exactly are their issues?
  • What information do they require?
  • What would the video teach them?
  • What is the value of your video to them?

If you can’t answer these simple questions, you should look into them more. You will be driven by responses to these questions when you plan and create your video.

Always try to create a Main Pillar content and many sub-contents which are closely related to the Pillar Video, the same way we do Pillar Page in SEO

This planning will never make you deficit in content ideas. Also, this will feed your subscribers and target audience with more information on any topics they look at

Create high-quality videos with the aim of increasing Watch Time. The best content can be ruined by the poor video quality.

So, before you publish your video, make sure it looks professional. Use a good camera, pre-record a soundcheck, and learn some simple editing skills.

The below major variables play a vital role.

  • Watch Time: The time you watch a video.
  • Duration of session: The total YouTube time.

Posting videos regularly every week is a perfect technique. As a result, you become a part of your audience’s weekly schedule, and your videos can be moved to the top of their homepage. As a consequence, your video is the first on their YouTube playlist.

4. Creating High Quality Videos to Increase Watch Time

As we have informed in the previous section, Watch time is one of the KPIs which every business should look at when it comes to YouTube Marketing. High-Quality Videos are the only way to increase the watch hour

Once again we apprise you, proper video planning and YouTube Marketing Strategy will lead to great quality video output

The initial aim of any video should be focused on getting attention on the Niche or USP within 10 to 15 seconds of the video. It doesn’t matter how long the video is. All user needs is, whether the video is providing me the right solution, which I am looking for

We should have come across thousands of YouTube channels and videos, but only a few remain in our hearts, and we promote them by word of mouth. Have you ever asked a question, why that channel is so good? The answer is it has met your intent or your pain point.

Here are few points which will help in creating a Quality Content as Video

  • Create the Goal for the Video. Be strong in the Why part and establish the USP
  • Start Writing Script before working on videos
  • Split the sections of the video into various points, and take the content point by point. This helps in avoiding improper arrangements of the contents
  • If the video is to shoot indoor or outdoor, plan the scenes accordingly. The angles, lighting, and other multimedia will add more engagement
  • Determine the Video length. Generally, 10 to 15 mins of video length can be engaging and cover maximum information related to the topic
  • The recording is much more important in creating a high-quality video. Ensure that no background noise harms the flow of the content
  • Always try to keep some suspense to your audience as “Bonus Point”, that might keep them watch till the end.

5. YouTube SEO to Promote the Videos

Creating compelling content is what we should focus on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that your video is to rank for sure. An important step in YouTube Marketing is to promote by optimizing the metatags to reach both the YouTube search result page and Google Results

Being the second largest search engine, You can promote your videos if optimized with the key phrases your audience search for. Keywords have a huge role, it would be always better if you do intent-based Keyword Research.

YouTube promotes your video on the result page depending upon the keyword you use in content, Title, Description, Tags, Playlists, Thumbnail, etc. We should optimize all these with the proper keyword

YouTube Marketing - YouTube SEO


  • Same as On-Page SEO, the top priority of optimization is to be done on the Title of the Video with the keyword that your users look for
  • While Scrolling over the result page, the Title is what every user looks at initially. A Title with a positive word or Question mark holds high CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Before creating a Title, do proper Keyword Research using SEO tools like Ahrefs, keywordtool.io. Prefer keywords that met your target audience intent
  • Keep most import keywords or phrases at the beginning of the Title. You are entitled to write 100 characters, yet only 60 characters will be featuring on the result page as same as Google SERP


  • The description is the second part of the video, where we can place the keyword. Also, users read them.
  • You can write descriptions of up to 5000 characters. Yet only 100 characters appear below the title, to check the remaining contents, users have to click “see more”
  • So, make sure that your important keyword, Links, and phrases that can drive more CTR should be placed in the first 100 characters. This will increase both views and engagements
  • It is advised to add a video transcript in the description. Video content as text description will further add value to rank the video, as the transcript will hold relevant keywords which match the user’s intent
  • Always have a default description that holds the link to your website, and other social media pages. You can also park affiliate marketing links and other registration links in the description.
  • Finally, keep some important hashtags relevant to the video and keyword research. You can keep ‘n’ number of hashtags, but the first 3 hashtags will appear near the title


  • Tags are another important optimizing area, which has a weightage in ranking for any keywords
  • You can have as much tag as required, but the total character should be up to 500
  • You should tag the most important key phrases in the beginning, followed by relevant keywords
  • You can acquire many hashtags with the help of YouTube Hashtags Generator tools like tuberanker
  • If you promote any business or product for paid service, you should mention the “Paid Promotion” tag


  • Thumbnails are like a preface of the video that is presented in image format
  • Your viewers will be able only to see the thumbnail of your video until they enter the video
  • The Content (Text) and the images over the thumbnail can increase the CTR of your video
  • YouTube has shared data that, 90% of videos that perform are likely to hold a custom thumbnail. It is recommended to use an image with a pixel of 1280 x 720, that your thumbnail is well
  • In spite, YouTube auto-generates thumbnails. It is recommended to have a custom one for every individual video

Categories & Playlists:

categories - YouTube marketing
  • Categories and Playlists are different in YouTube Marketing, yet have an immense role in promoting your video with respect to keyword
  • Categories can’t be created, they are available on YouTube as default. We have to choose them according to the video content.
  • YouTube allows the following categories as default. They are Film & Animation, Autos & Vehicles, Music, Pets & Animals, Sports, Travel & Events, Gaming, People & Blogs, Comedy, Entertainment, News & Politics, Howto & Style, Education, Science & Technology, Nonprofits & Activism
  • You can either select category while uploading a video or add a category via “Manage Video” post the completion
  • Playlists are like “Menu” in websites, it creates an architecture. You should create multiple playlists which are keyword rich and relevant to your niche
  • You have to map the videos into the relevant playlists. Videos in playlists get more chance of views and engagements

Sub Titles & Closed Captions:

  • Subtitles has more role in reaching other language views, you can provide subtitles for many languages
  • Subtitles and Closed Captions have keywords that can be highlighted for search. For example, if a video is created in the Tamil language, and it holds an English subtitle, the keyword would promote the video for users searching in English
  • To add subtitles, Go to your Channel and select “Subtitles” in the left side menu. Choose the video you need to insert subtitles
  • Then choose the language in which the subtitle is to be, YouTube generates content automatically, you should review the errors and unmatched phrases before publishing

End Card:

end screen Card - YouTube Marketing
  • End cards are generated to make the visitors either visit our other videos, playlists or subscribing to your channel.
  • Before publishing the video, you can select the end screen or card and update the elements
    as shown in the above image
  • The elements are Video, Playlist, Subscribe, Channel, and Link. You can select 2 to 3 of these options in every video.
  • This helps your visitors to spend quality time in your channel

6. Understanding YouTube Analytics

Every content creators spend huge time on creating video plan, drafting scripts, high-quality video content, YouTube SEO, and shared via various channels. But, fail to understand the performance of the video and user’s engagement

Data is the fuel for any marketer to understand the progress of any campaign and users activity, intent, and interaction with videos

In YouTube Marketing, Data are freely tracked by YouTube Studio and presented on well-designed dashboards. In this section, we will take you through the guidance on YouTube Analytics. Come, let us have some data analysis and visualization learnings.

YouTube Analytics Dashboard - YouTube Marketing

Determine YouTube Marketing Goals:

Without a goal, you can’t measure the success of any campaign, may be paid or organic. If you lack to figure out the goal of any video, you should stop there. Even before creating any video content, you should set the goal

Every single video should at least have one goal. The goal can be too,

    • Increase Brand Awareness
    • Increase Views
    • Increase Engagements or Clicks
    • Inbound Leads to Website

YouTube serves as one of the leading brand awareness and content marketing platforms. Videos are better than text(blog) when it comes to convenience and shares the key message of the video.

Track Key Performance Indicator:

Goals can be measured with the Key Performance Indicator (KPI). The KPI’s can be Watch Time , Views, Subscribers, Engagement, Audience Retention, Traffic Source, Demographics, etc.

YouTube Analytics provide more information on data. People get into analytics to understand when a quality content don’t get more views or engagements.

Analytics provides information on, how your users find your videos. Where they are from, What is their age group, how long they spend in every video, are they returning back, etc.

Relate your Goal with analytics to find whether it is met or what are the worsening areas.

While you enter the dashboard of YouTube Analytics, you will get the behaviors and indicators of the last 28 days. You can choose custom dates also.

In the top right corner, there will be an option”advanced mode”. Click that to have a detailed analysis of the KPI’s

Watch Time:
Watch Hour Analytics - YouTube Marketing

Watch time details the overall time spent in the channel by all the users for any time interval and generally measured in hours. Creators who invest in YouTube to earn revenue from AdSense would know the importance of watch time, as they have to achieve 4000 watch hours to get AdSense approval

Watch time is one of important YouTube’s ranking factors. A video that has the maximum percentage of watch time has the chance of ranking and becoming viral organically.

YouTube analytics provides more details on watch time, no of views, average view duration, and the average percentage of time spent on every single video, location, traffic source, and more.

Traffic Source:
YouTube Analytics - Traffic Source

Traffic source analysis provides details on various sources like External, YouTube Search, Browse Features, Short Feeds, Channel Pages, Other YouTube Features, Direct, Suggested Videos, etc.

Also, you can get the details like views, watch time, average view duration, Impression, and CTR of various traffic source

These data will help you in redefining YouTube Marketing Strategies. There are many other aspects to analyze and to collect more data and make your video engaging.

7. Promoting Business through YouTube Ads

In the previous sections, we have spoken about promoting organically with the help of SEO on YouTube. Yet there are other promoting channels that you can use for a wider reach of your content.

You can share the video links in all the social media groups which are relevant and has a huge audience to make your post more engaging. The next step would be promoting through your website blog posts.

Usually, while you create more similar content in YouTube and Blog, you can insert the video which links to your YouTube Channel. Search Engine Optimization will help in rank your website page and videos eventually.

Finally, you can send email campaigns to the subscribers of your website, where you can insert the video link and promote them

In all the above methods, YouTube SEO and Google search lead to great user experience and high engagement rate with impressive watch hours, which YouTube Algorithm looks at

The other way of promoting your videos is by paid promotion, with the help of Google Ads. There are two types of YouTube Ads that you can create using Google Ads.

    • Video Discovery Ads
    • In-Stream Ads

    YouTube Ads are charged on the basis of Cost Per View (CPV), and CPV is decided upon the competitiveness of the keyword. Check out the YouTube Advertising options by Google

    In this article, we will be speaking only on the details of both Video Discovery ads and In-stream Ads. We will cover on How to set up YouTube Ad Campaign in our next article. To run a YouTube Ad, you should have an account in Google Ads.

Video Discovery Ads

YouTube Discovery Ads

The videos or a website link that appears on the result page or home page of YouTube with a Tag “ad’ is known as the video discovery ads

Users will be redirected either to the promotional video or to the website while clicking the link

In-Stream Ads

In Stream YouTube Ads

In-Stream ad is referred to the ad which runs while we watch a video. The ad will stream in at the beginning and in between the videos. The number of ads is controlled by the video publisher

The In-Stream Ads can be Skippable, Non-Skippable, Bumper, and Overlay ads. These ads can overlay the key message as text to increase the CTR


    • Hope the article added value to understanding the complete guide on YouTube Marketing. This article has drafted in a step by step approach from setting a YouTube Channel for your Business
    • Customizing them with key details and Channel profile Picture, Description, Trailer Videos, Featured Videos, Contact details, and links to website and other social media pages
    • We have then shared the ideas to create a video, and how to write a script that has a compelling content
    • Once, you create compelling content, you should do YouTube SEO to promote the video organically. To make them visible for YouTube crawler, you should optimize the video title, description, thumbnail, playlists, category, tags, subtitles, etc
    • Any video you create should have data on the user’s behavior, which is visualized with the help of YouTube Analytics. You should understand the complete depth of the analytics data and match them with your video goal.
    • Finally, you can promote your video with the help of YouTube Discovery or in-stream ads.
    • Contact our Digital Marketing Company for the best YouTube Marketing services
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