What are the essential qualities of a good SEO expert

What are the essential qualities of a good SEO expert?

Ashkar Gomez
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If you want to hire an SEO expert for your business or do SEO yourself, there are some essential qualities to be considered.

SEO expert helps in analyzing data to find useful information to rank the website. They look at numbers to see how well things are working and what could be improved.

The essential qualities of SEO experts have a significant role in the health of your website, so be careful in evaluating the skills of SEO experts if you need to hire SEO professionals.

There are many SEO skills to become a good SEO Expert, I have curated the top 10 qualities which are very important for SEO Professionals.

In this blog, we will look at the top 10 skills that make a great SEO expert. From technical stuff to being good at analyzing data, these qualities are what make an expert stand out.

10 Essential Qualities of a Good SEO Expert

Further, we will discuss the top 10 essential qualities of SEO Expert

1. Understanding of Search Engine Algorithms

A deep understanding of search engine algorithm history is essential for SEO experts. These algorithms are like rules that decide how websites rank in search results. 

Every SEO expert should possess knowledge of three pillars of SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO 

SEO Tools help in making the process even simpler, so the knowledge of SEO tools implementation is an added advantage of SEO Expert.

A good SEO expert must know how search engines work and what affects rankings. This includes quality content, keyword optimization, site structure, and backlinks. 

With this knowledge, experts can create effective strategies to improve website visibility and attract organic traffic, which leads to lead generation.

SEO is an evolving marketing strategy and it keeps on changing, so being updated on the Search Engine algorithm is important.

2. Analytical Skills


Analytical skill is an important quality for an SEO expert. The main work of SEO professionals is to understand and analyze data.

SEO experts use analytical skills to look into numbers related to website performance, user behavior, and search engine trends in Google Search Console and other tools.

For example, the daily routine of SEO Experts of 7 Eagles is to analyze the website traffic data to see which pages are getting the most visitors and which ones need improvement and work accordingly.

Analytical skills also help SEO experts spot search engine trends and patterns. They can see if certain keywords are becoming more popular or if there’s a sudden spike in traffic from a particular source. By understanding these trends, they can adjust their strategies.

Overall, analytical skills are crucial for SEO experts because they help them make a proper plan and optimize websites effectively, without these skills, it’s like trying to optimize a website without a plan, It is worthless.

3. Communication Skills


Effective communication helps clients or business owners make clear decisions about what to implement on their websites. 

SEO experts should have the ability to explain technical concepts to clients in an understandable way. 

Whether to explain the strategies or create content, strong communication skills are an important factor that connects SEO Experts and clients.

Listening to the ideas of clients is a good practice while explaining your implementation process to the client.

A smooth relationship is important between SEO professionals and clients in the SEO process as SEO is a long-term commitment. 

4. Critical Thinking


Critical thinking is another essential quality of an SEO Expert. They should be able to think of the causes of website traffic drops and ranking drops.

Let’s say you’re an SEO expert tasked with improving the search rankings for a client’s website. What will be the first move?

This may be the interview question of the SEO Analyst role to check the critical thinking of the candidate.

You start by analyzing the data – looking at things like website traffic, keyword performance, and user behavior.

For example, if you have noticed a drop in website traffic, with critical thinking, you start asking questions.

Was there a recent algorithm update that could have affected the rankings?

Are there any technical issues with the website that might be causing problems?

By considering all possible factors, you’re able to find the cause of the issue and develop a strategy to solve it.

Similarly, critical thinking helps SEO experts identify opportunities for improvement in the website.

5. Social Skills

Some people think SEO is to build backlinks and directory submissions, but it is about building relationships.

SEO experts with strong social skills will be good at networking, collaboration, and community engagement.

It is also important to create meaningful connections with social influencers, clients, and industry peers.

Networking helps SEO professionals to upskill themselves from established SEO experts.

6. Technical Expertise

Every professional should have a strong technical skill in their industry, Likewise, SEO professionals should have a better understanding of technical requirements.

Technical SEO involves crawlable issues, site architecture, Google coverage issues backlinks management, etc, If you are interested we have a complete guide on Technical SEO, go through it for your reference.

Just sending the screenshot of technical issues to the developer will not help you take control of the website.

You should be aware of some of the technical issues, their causes, and solutions and communicate them to the developer.

7. Adaptability

Search Engines work on Algorithms, Google continuously updates its algorithm for better user experience.

SEO Experts should adapt to the new algorithm updates and the changes in the Google features.

Imagine you are an SEO expert and should optimize a website for a client. 

You start by implementing strategies based on the latest algorithm updates and industry best practices. 

However, just as you begin to see progress, a new algorithm update is rolled out by major search engines like Google and Bing.

Suddenly, the processes have changed, and your previous strategies may or may not be as effective.

This is why SEO experts should have adaptability skills, they need to stay updated with the latest industry trends and follow ethical SEO practices.

8. Data Skills

SEO Experts should play with data, data speaks the truth and helps to identify whether the implemented strategies work for a particular website or not.

From analyzing website metrics to tracking keyword performance, they rely on data-driven insights to create strategy and drive results.

They should analyze the performance metrics in Google Search Console, tracking keyword positions, and analyzing the number of internal links and backlinks.

Analyzing statistical concepts can assist an SEO expert not only in determining what to measure but also in understanding the most effective methods of measurement.

Furthermore, Excel skills and experience in Google Sheets are an added advantage for an SEO expert.

9. Market Research Skills


SEO experts who are skilled in market research have a talent for discovering valuable insights about consumers. 

They dive deep into demographic data, exploring factors like age, gender, location, and interests to pinpoint the audience most likely to engage with their client’s content.

Furthermore, market research skills enable SEO experts to predict trends and stay one step ahead of the competition. 

By analyzing consumer behavior and monitoring industry developments, they can identify emerging opportunities and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Market research skills help to understand the audience on a deeper level and tailor their marketing strategies.

10. Ethical Practices

SEO has two sides, ethical way and unethical way, A best SEO expert practices legal way of SEO practice.

Unethical ways like content cloaking, keyword stuffing, and backlink buying are to be avoided.

SEO experts must adhere to industry standards and best practices, avoiding black-hat tactics that could harm websites and reputations. 

Ethical practices of SEO will not affect the website in the long run even in the algorithm updates, so it is better to practice white-hat SEO strategies.


SEO Experts possess many skills understanding search engine algorithms, analytical skills, communication skills, critical thinking, social skills, data skills, technical expertise, adaptability, market research skills and ethical SEO practices are the most important skills of an SEO expert.

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Ashkar Gomez

Ashkar Gomez is the Founder of 7 Eagles (a Growth Marketing & SEO Company). Ashkar started his career as a Sales Rep in 2013 and later shifted his career to SEO in 2014. He is one of the leading SEO experts in the industry with 8+ years of experience. He has worked on 200+ projects across 20+ industries in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, UAE, Australia, South Africa, and India. Besides SEO and Digital Marketing, he is passionate about Data Analytics, Personal Financial Planning, and Content Writing.

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