Where To Find SEO Experts?

Where to Find SEO Experts?

Ashkar Gomez
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If you are seeking an effective and dependable SEO expert for your business or organization, you might encounter some practical challenges in finding one, as the internet these days is teeming with SEO professionals.

The purpose of hiring an SEO expert is to acquire a targeted audience for your business, eventually generating more revenue. Still, you might face some practical challenges when finding a reliable and effective SEO expert apt for your business.

Let’s look into some of the key factors you need to consider to overcome these hurdles and hire the best SEO expert for your organization.

There are different types of SEO professionals

Listed below are the most popular kinds of SEOs available on the internet. Finding the right kind of SEO professional depends on the exact requirements of your business.

Understanding every aspect of SEO will help you understand why you need to hire an SEO expert for your business in the first place.

On-Page SEO:

A good on-page SEO expert needs to collaborate with the content writers and the web developers to optimize the website in a way that is appealing to both users and search engines.

Their skill sets include keywords, content, meta tags, header tags, and URL optimization.

Off-Page SEO:

Off-page SEO prioritizes optimizing factors that are outside the webpage to improve their rankings and online authority 

Their skill sets include link building, social media marketing, content marketing, local SEO optimization, guest blogging, and monitoring competitor strategies.

Technical SEO:

These SEO experts mainly focus on the technical aspects of a website and troubleshoot them to improve the search engine visibility and the site’s performance.

Their skill sets include crawling and indexing a webpage, website navigation and structure, HTTPS protocol implementation, XML sitemap optimization, technical audits, and much more.

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What are the key benefits of hiring a professional SEO expert?

As you might already know, there are many benefits you can get from hiring an SEO expert. Listed below are a few of those benefits.

  • An effective long-term strategy can be achieved for steady organic growth in your business.
  • SEO can be time-consuming and frustrating; hiring an SEO expert gives you time to focus on running your business.
  • An SEO expert can attract targeted leads.
  • They can create a smooth and improved user interface for your website
  • An SEO expert can enhance the visibility and reach of your business.

Where can I find SEO experts?

Below are a few online marketing platforms that connect businesses with independent professionals. This marketplace helps SEO experts find opportunities and provide their services online to businesses that need them.    


Upwork Where To Find SEO Experts

This is an online marketing platform that connects business owners (clients) with freelance SEO experts globally. 

SEO personnel can post their profiles, promoting their skills and abilities, while clients can post their jobs and employ freelance experts according to their job requirements. This site comes with built-in project management tools and secure payment options. 


Fiverr Where To Find SEO Experts

Both Fiverr and Upwork offer services in similar ways. Fiverr is a platform more suited for short-term tasks like logo creation, social media marketing, and basic website edits, while Upwork offers a wider range of services like web development, copywriting, and graphic design.

Fiverr is often considered by clients running small businesses as it is known for its affordable prices and simpler interface. Both Upwork and Fiverr offer secure payment options to ensure clients are working with a professional.

Marketer Hire:

Marketer Hire Where To Find SEO Experts

This platform primarily focuses on SEO, digital marketing, and content marketing. Its matching algorithms help you find the right marketer within 48 hours. This platform works with many reputed companies and established brands.


PeoplePerHour Where To Find SEO Experts

This platform focuses on projects that can be completed in a short time. It offers hourly prices, fixed prices, and project-worked-based prices.

Other Options:

Toptal, Growtal, Truelancer, Guru, and SEO Clerks are a few other notable freelancing platforms that you can explore to find the right SEO expert for your business.

Key Factors to consider while hiring an SEO professional

Things to consider when hiring an SEO specialist

1) Identifying qualified experts:

The field of SEO is flooded with consultants, making it hard for us to distinguish an expert from an amateur. As SEO lacks universal certification or qualification, it is difficult to gauge one’s true capacity or capability.

It is vital that you demand tangible evidence from the SEO professional on their previous achievements or references from satisfied clients.

2) Misaligned Goals:

An SEO expert’s optimization strategy must align with your overall marketing objective. They should understand your business goals and your target audience.

3) Unethical Practices:

Make sure that the strategy of an SEO professional is ethical and honest. If a person suggests any black-hat SEO tactics like keyword stuffing or link building, he must be crossed off your list immediately.

4) Lack of transparency:

The partnership between an SEO professional and the person running the business must be based on trust and an open conversation. If the SEO personnel refuse to share the data or answer your questions, that is a red flag.

5) Pricing and contracts:

  • When it comes to pricing, first determine how much you are willing to spend on an SEO service for your business.
  • Get a general idea of SEO pricing for your industry in your region, as this could help you compare your fees while making an offer.
  • Be upfront about your budget; knowing your offer would help the SEO expert tailor his proposal according to your needs.
  • Once a contract is jotted down, review it for clarification on pricing and other terms and conditions.

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Multiple aspects determine the success or failure of a business. Getting SEO for your business will have an immense impact on its outcome.

Make sure the SEO personnel you hire always adhere to the SEO guidelines and should always look out for your business’s long-term success, not just for quick bucks.

When seeking an expert to manage your SEO strategy, consider partnering with a dedicated SEO expert who understands the importance of sustainable growth.

Investing in a knowledgeable SEO professional is crucial for optimizing your online presence. By prioritizing long-term success over short-term gains, an SEO expert can propel your business to new heights. 

Take the first step towards enhancing your business’s digital presence by consulting with our experienced SEO experts. Let’s build a strategy that not only boosts your visibility but also ensures sustained success in the ever-evolving online landscape.


What are the best online directories to find SEO experts?

SEOblog Directory, The Moz Top 100 SEOs, Semrush Gurus, and SEO Clerks are some of the directories that list the top SEO companies and agencies.

Is it better to hire a freelance SEO expert or an SEO agency?

Making a choice between these two entirely depends on the size of the project and your budget. For a smaller SEO project, a freelancer might be fine, while a larger campaign requiring various talents would benefit from an SEO agency.

Can social media platforms be a good source for finding SEO experts?

While social media can be a resource for finding SEO talent, we cannot confirm it as one of the best sources. Finding the right SEO experts through social media does have some serious flaws, such as :

  • It is flooded with misinformation, self-promotion, and irrelevant content
  • It is hard to authenticate a person’s credibility, qualifications, and experience on social media platforms.
  • Misleading claims and exaggerated hype.
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