Top 5 Free SEO Tools

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Top 5 Free SEO Tools

SEO tools are used to make the process very feasible in website ranking and business development through digital platforms. There are many tools available to enhance organic and CPC traffic.

But, only a few are free tools and these tools have more impact on On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Every website builders or blogger aims at ranking their web page on the 1st page of SERP.

Over the years, there were many tools that have made in building a strong On-Page. Before entering into the topic please have a clear idea of Search Engine Optimization

Today we all together will learn on the key tools which are available free yet effective

SEO Tools 1 – Google Search Console

One of the most important tools, which every blogger or website owner should connect with. This is a free tool by Google.

The tool has many features. The first thing it helps in setting up the Sitemap, which is more important.

The other features of Google Search Console are,

  • Overview – Where you can get the details of total Organic traffic using google search engine every day.
  • Performance – To check Total Clicks, Total Impression, Average CTR, Average Position.
  • URL Inspection – It is used to Index the URL and to conduct a live test of the URL. This makes us get clarity on any issue with the URL.
  • Coverage – This brings you the errors that happened with Indexing, and resolves the errors by validation.
  • Core Web Vital – To analyze the speed of your website in both Mobile and Desktop views
  • Mobile Usability – To check the smart mobile crawler and related issues

The main advantage of GSC is to find the keywords for which the organic traffic has fetched your sites. Once, you get the details, you can use more viable and similar keywords.

SEO Tools 2 – Google Analytics

Another free tool from google, which gives a complete analytic picture of your site.

With the help of google analytics, you can track the behavior of your user. Their geographics, and other reports.

It helps to find out,

  • Real-Time Report – It provides the current details of how many users are locking in your site. Also, the location, traffic source, content, and events
  • Audience Report – This provides a broad overview of users Geo, technology, browser, traffic source, and the landing page they use
  • Acquisition Report – This provides the complete data of all users and their sources like direct, social, organic, referral, mail, and others. In addition, it also provides the detail of the retained audience in percentage.
  • Behavior Report – Provide the details on the site. They are site content, site speed, site search, event, and publisher
  • Conversion Report – This helps us to set a goal for a purpose and to analyze them. Also, for e-commerce sites, this helps in conversion ratio and to check Ads conversion too.

Understanding Google Analytics, will help your On-Page SEO score, also enhance more search traffic to the Site.

We assure you, will make a separate detailed article on Google Analytics.

SEO Tool 3: Page Speed Insight

This tool is also provided by Google for free access. Page speed Insight helps to find out the speed score of your website in both Mobile and Desktop. The scores are

  • 0 to 49 (red): Poor Site Speed
  • 50 to 89 (orange): Needs Improvement
  • 90 to 100 (green): Good Site Speed

As you are aware, almost 75% of posts are viewed by Mobile phones. Google gives preference to pages of sites which supports are scored more than 90 in mobile speed.

Page Speed Insight also helps is fixing the errors, it always provides the solution documents. You can read the article and fix the error by yourself and boost the site speed.

A healthy site showed to have a speed score of more than 90 in both desktop and mobile views. Healthy sites have a huge positive impact on SEO ranking.

SEO Tool 4 – Yoast SEO

This tool is a free tool and a plugin in WordPress. Users of bloggers can also use on a separate page.

YOAST SEO helps to create an effective On-page SEO by,

  • Focus Keyphrases (Keywords)
  • Title to contain Keyphrase
  • Meta description to have a limited number of keyphrases featuring.
  • Analyzing Keyword Stuffing on a complete article.
  • Checks inbound, outbound links. A good SEO practice should promote a relevant article. So, Google considers us an eco-friendly and will promote us in SERP.
  • Make us aware to have an Image Alt, for ranking in Image SEO.

And more other features that really help in achieving the aim of SEO. When you built the site as per YOAST SEO, your site become SEO friendly.

SEO Tool 5 – Ubersuggest

The last and most important tool and widely used across global. Ubersuggest which is run by Neil Patel is an enriched supporter for,

  • Site Audit.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Backlinks.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Top Pages.

Site Audit helps you understand your site

  • On-Page SEO Score
  • Total Organic Keywords in your site
  • Total backlinks and referring links to your site.
  • Monthly Organic traffic
  • Health Checking of Every URL in the site
  • Site Speed
  • EO Issues.

Keyword Research offers to select,

  • Wide range of Keywords related to your keyphrases.
  • Search difficulties (SD)
  • Search Volume per month
  • Paid Difficulties (PD)
  • Cost per Click (CPC)
  • The data provided over UBERSUGGEST are an average of 12 months.

The backlinks option used to check the sites, where our URL is referring to our site. Also, we can check the sites where backlinks have done for our competitors too.

  • Nowadays, many people have entered into blogging or website to offer some service or products.
  • Many E-Commerce sites have built-in recent times. The only reason, why Amazon is on the top of the search page is due to proper On-page SEO.
  • It is mandated to look upon SEO works to rank your site. Without ranking, it is waste of time in providing more informative articles.
  • We have checked many leading companies don’t have a proper title, meta description, Robots Tag, etc. This is found in many Digital Marketing agencies too.
  • Hope these tools would have enlightened your wisdom on proper On-page SEO.

If you have a site and looking for proper assistance of SEO, please feel free to get in touch with us on 7 Eagles

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